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Wedding Ideas

My Trio Rings Blog provides useful information about how to experience the timeless traditions of marriage on an affordable budget

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Reasons You Shouldn’t Have a Wedding Party

by Gillian Burgess Monday, 21 September 2015 Wedding Ideas

wedding-partyOne of the many wonderful things about wedding planning in 2015 is that there aren’t any hard and fast rules anymore. You get to do things your way, which often means blending the traditional with the new: wearing your grandmother’s wedding dress but buying your bridal set rings online, hosting a formal sit-down dinner at your reception but sending eco-friendly paperless invitations.

Modern couples have a lot more freedom to create customized weddings. Together you can choose which traditions are meaningful to you and which new symbols and practices you want to adopt.

Having a wedding party, like many other “must-haves” from the past, is optional and up to you as a couple. Are you on the fence about having bridesmaids and groomsmen? Here are six reasons you might want to consider opting out.

You’re just not into the whole wedding party thing.

If this is the case, then it should be an easy decision. If you’re not excited about the idea of bridesmaids and groomsmen, skip the wedding party. There’s no rule that you have to go that route, and you’ll just create unnecessary stress for yourself.

You’re having a low-key wedding.

If you’re striving for a casual affair, you might not want the formality of a traditional wedding party. Instead of choosing bridesmaids and groomsmen, you could incorporate your nearest and dearest into your wedding in other ways. For example, asking your sister and best friend to help you get ready before the ceremony or your best guy friends to do a short toast at the reception. Skipping the wedding party lets everyone relax and have fun.

You and your friends are on a budget.

Let’s be honest: a wedding party can be expensive for everyone involved. Bridesmaids have to buy dresses, shoes and accessories. Groomsmen have to rent tuxes or suits. Everyone has to pay for plane tickets, hotel rooms, gifts and other extras. And you and your spouse-to-be will also end up throwing down some cash for hair and makeup artists, dinners out, wedding party gifts, etc. All these expenses are worthwhile if you truly want to have your closest friends and family in your wedding party. If not, they can feel like a burden.

You don’t want one more thing to organize.

You two have a lot to juggle with your wedding planning, from bridal set rings to hotel room blocks. If wrangling a wedding party is going to be just another item on your to-do list, then opt out.

You don’t want to pick favorites.

Choosing who stands next to you as you say your vows can be an emotional and difficult task. You may have a large group of close friends from different parts of your life, and you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by picking a select few for your wedding party. If you want to avoid any drama, keep it simple.

You want the focus to be on your union.

At its core, your wedding day is about you two making a lifelong commitment to each other. Everything else is just gravy. Your friends and family will be honored to be there to support you when you say your vows – whether or not they’re in your official wedding party.

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8 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Wedding Planning Inspiration

by Gillian Burgess Thursday, 21 May 2015 Wedding Ideas

Instagram, with its neverending feed of stunning photos from around the world, is ideal for an inspiration boost when you are planning your wedding.

Not sure what style of men’s wedding bands or bridal ring sets to choose? Having trouble making decisions about flower arrangements or invitations? Instagram has the answers to all of your wedding planning questions.

Here are just a few of our favorite Instagram accounts to follow while planning your wedding:

1. HowHeAsked

It’s OK if you get a little misty-eyed when scrolling through this one. It features photos of “proposal stories, engagement rings, and all things love,” and you can tag your own proposal photo with #HowHeAsked.


2. Loverly

This feed is beautifully curated with photos from real weddings and links to wedding planning tips, with a focus on personalized details.

3. Brown Paper Design

This California-based event design company has a swoon-worthy lookbook of everything from floral arrangements to inventive space design.

4. Kleinfeld Bridal

Fans of “Say Yes to the Dress” will need no convincing. Drool over Kleinfeld’s incredible selection of wedding gowns.

kleinfeld-instagram copy

5. Sugar Flower Cake Shop

Warning: do not look look at this account if you are hungry! Sugar Flower Cake Shop in New York City creates gorgeous cakes with realistic-looking sugar flowers.

6. David’s Bridal

Scroll through an extensive collection of wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, wedding jewelry and other details, plus photos of real weddings.

7. Dauphine Press

This artisan letterpress shop creates handcrafted wedding invitations that jump off the screen.

8. My Trio Rings

Of course no list would be complete without our own fabulous Instagram account! Follow to find your perfect rings - including diamond engagement rings, women’s wedding bands, men’s wedding bands, trio ring sets and bridal ring sets.



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Should You Buy Wedding Insurance?

by Gillian Burgess Thursday, 26 February 2015 Informational

outdoor-weddingYou have a lot of big - and often big-ticket - decisions to make when you are planning your wedding. Some are easier than others - who to include in your wedding party, which bridal ring sets are perfect for your style, what song to play for your first dance - but others are nuanced and complex. One big question for couples is: should we buy wedding insurance to protect against unforeseen crises?

What is Wedding Insurance?

The average cost of a wedding in the US in 2014 was around $28,000 - a significant amount for most couples. Wedding insurance safeguards this investment in case something outside your control forces you to change, postpone or cancel your big day, or you suffer property damage or loss.

What Does Wedding Insurance Cost?

Policies vary depending on their coverage, but most won’t be more than about $500 for basic protection. Insurance companies like Fireman’s Fund and Travelers offer customizable options for different fees.

What Does Wedding Insurance Cover?

Again, policies vary widely, so be sure to ask questions and read the fine print, but these are some common wedding insurance coverage options:

Extreme Weather: If you have to postpone your wedding because of a hurricane or blizzard, for example, the policy should cover the rescheduling costs.

Missing Vendor or Officiant: If someone essential to the wedding - your caterer, priest or rabbi, for example - goes out of business or doesn’t show up, you should be able to be reimbursed for the cost of postponement.

Illness, Injury or Bereavement: If there is a death in the family or someone involved in the wedding - a close family member or member of the wedding party - suddenly falls ill or is injured, you should be able to reschedule and recoup some of the costs.

Site Problems: Check with your wedding location to see if it has its own insurance, but if not, wedding insurance should be able to cover costs associated with unavoidable cancellation. For example, there is an electrical fire in the kitchen at the reception venue or the wedding site closes unexpectedly the week before your ceremony.

Wedding Attire and Jewelry: If your wedding gown and tuxedo or bridal ring sets or matching wedding bands are lost, stolen or damaged, the policy should pay to replace or repair them.

Liability: Most sites have liability insurance, but if you are having your wedding at someone’s home, this would protect you in case a guest were to be injured at the wedding.

Military Service: If the bride or groom is active duty or reserve status and suddenly has to leave because of work, the policy should pay for the expenses due to rescheduling.

Note: Cancelling a wedding due to cold feet is not usually covered. Fireman’s Fund has a “change of heart” policy you can opt for, but it only applies if someone calls off the wedding 365 days before the first covered event.

Do We Really Need Wedding Insurance?

It’s ultimately a personal decision and one you should make as a couple - along with parents or anyone else helping to pay for your wedding. If you are having a very small budget wedding, you may not feel you need insurance. But if you are spending a moderate sum or more on your wedding, a few hundred extra dollars for a bit of peace of mind may be well worth it.

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5 Fun & Casual Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Ideas

by Gillian Burgess Tuesday, 24 February 2015 Wedding Ideas

crawfish-boil-rehearsal-dinnerWait, we have to plan yet another big party in addition to the one we’re already planning? You’ve gotta be kidding me!

Unfortunately, this is how many couples feel when they think about their wedding rehearsal dinner. When you are in middle of organizing and paying for the main event - from making decisions about bridal ring sets to ordering all the last-minute details - it’s hard to muster a lot of enthusiasm for putting together a pre-party.

Don’t worry. You are not obligated to do anything elaborate or expensive for your rehearsal dinner. It should be a fun and relaxing occasion to spend time with a smaller group of friends and family than will be attending the wedding. This might mean you and your immediate families cooking dinner together at someone’s house or you take over a bar for happy hour with a big group. Keep it fun, casual and affordable, and you’ll be able to enjoy yourself with some of your favorite people. Here are a few simple wedding rehearsal dinner ideas:

1. Takeout or DIY Dinner Night 

Treat it like a laidback house party, and ask a family member or close friend to host. Order pizza, Chinese food or some other takeout option, or prepare simple dishes that are great for a crowd, like tacos, salads, burgers or wings. Buy wine or beer, and you’re done! Everyone will have a great time catching up or getting to know one another, and you can have a stress-free evening.

2. Bowling or Game Night 

Who needs to have a sit-down wedding rehearsal dinner? Reserve several lanes in a bowling alley, or take over a big arcade and hand out buckets of tokens to everyone. This is a fun option particularly if you have kids joining your party. You can arrange to pick up the tab for beer and pizza and nachos, and let people cut loose and play.

3. Backyard BBQ 

If the weather is nice, enjoy the sunshine at a cookout someone’s backyard or a local park. Grill burgers and hot dogs, serve sodas and beers and pick up prepared salads and side dishes (or ask people to bring a dish, potluck-style).

4. Seafood Bake or Boil 

If you are getting married in an area with delicious seafood close by, take advantage of it for your rehearsal dinner. Host a clam bake or a crawfish, crab or shrimp boil. Ask for a few friends or family members to help you out with the cooking, and tell everyone to dress prepared to get their hands dirty.

5. Drop-in Drinks 

Organize a cocktail hour at the hotel bar where everyone is staying or at a relaxed neighborhood pub. Invite guests to drop by and have a drink and hors d’oeuvres after the rehearsal. It will be a fun and low-stress way for people to mingle and have a bite to eat.

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6 Vintage Chic Ideas for Your Spring Wedding

by Gillian Burgess Tuesday, 17 February 2015 Wedding Ideas

The small personalized details you incorporate into your wedding day make the celebration uniquely yours. Are you dreaming of a gorgeous, vintage-style wedding? Here are a few affordable and DIY ways to add the perfect finishing touches.

1. Classic Bridal Ring Sets

Find engagement and wedding rings that capture the vintage look you love, and you’ll have classic jewelry that never goes out of style. We have a stunning collection of bridal ring sets with vintage flair, such as this 5/8 CT. ring set and this 1 CT. ring set, both in 14K white gold.

1 1 CT. T.W. Princess Round Cut Diamond Ladies Bridal Wedding Ring Set 14K White Gold BR812W14K

2. Fabulous Fascinators 

Represent vintage chic from head to toe with a fashionable fascinator instead of a traditional wedding veil. Make your own, or find one that is designed with lace, feathers, a broach or beads, and play up the 1920s glamour.


Photo credit

3. Bookish Centerpieces

Visit your local used book store and pick up copies of hardcover vintage books with interesting binding or covers. Look for favorite novels, collections of poetry or philosophical texts, and stack them to create literary centerpieces for each table.


Photo credit

4. Birdcages & Baskets

Incorporate vintage chic into your spring wedding with unique repurposed items found at secondhand stores or yard sales. Repaint old birdcages and put flowers or candles inside. Use wicker baskets to display wedding programs or placecards. Find mismatched wooden boxes to hold reception table numbers.


Photo credit

5. Decorative Bottles

Decorate tables, bars or serving areas at your wedding reception with glass bottles in various shapes and sizes to add a romantic vintage feel. Use them as vases or candle holders or as presentation for wedding favors.


Photo credit

6. Classic Cars 

Make a memorable exit and entrance by renting a classic car to take you from the ceremony to the reception. If you luck out with warm weather for your spring wedding, you can put the top down or roll the windows down to take in the scenery. The photos will be gorgeous, and you and your new spouse can take the scenic route to enjoy a few quiet moments together before joining the party.


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Browse our bridal ring sets to find the perfect vintage look 

3 Offbeat Wedding Planning Services You Didn't Know You Needed

by Gillian Burgess Thursday, 12 February 2015 Wedding Ideas

wedding-planning-outdoorjpgA lot wedding planning checklists contain helpful but similar information. If you’re in the midst of organizing your nuptials, you’ve probably come across many of the same tips on where to find the ideal venue for your reception or why you should set up a wedding website or how to save on diamond bridal ring sets.

But even if you are becoming a planning pro, you probably haven’t seen any of these unusual wedding services. Different? Definitely. Necessary? You be the judge.

Wedding Planning in the Modern Age

Sunny Skies Guaranteed

Planning an outdoor wedding can be a stressful business, specifically because there is no way to be 100% sure the weather will cooperate with your plans. But what if you could get a guarantee of perfect weather for your big day? That’s exactly what Oliver’s Travels does - by actually controlling the weather in what sounds like a description of a science-fiction film:

We can now offer our customers a ‘cloud-bursting’ service that can 100% guarantee fair weather and clear skies for your wedding day! Currently available to customers organising a destination wedding in France (though we’re looking to expand to the UK and Italy if it takes off), the service employs the talents of pilots and meteorologists and takes over three weeks to plan, and uses silver iodide to ‘seed’ the clouds – essentially giving the water vapour something to condense around to produce rain. Costs start from £100,000, which is a fair old whack of cash! But then again, you can’t put a price on perfection right?

A New Best Friend

You may have already hand-selected your wedding party from close friends and family members. But what if you love your nearest and dearest but aren’t sure about how helpful they’ll be on your wedding day? Do you have a bridesmaid you can trust to be your right-hand woman when you need her the most? If no one comes to mind, Bridesmaid for Hire might be the wedding planning service you need. Choose from four different packages, and enlist help on everything from organizing RSVPs and planning the bachelorette party to helping you pick out bridal ring sets and standing by your side at the altar.

Better Than Human

If you aren’t sure who you want to officiate your wedding, or if you are in search of a ring bearer who won’t lose the matching wedding bands on the way up the aisle, you should look beyond the humans you know. Robots aren’t exactly all the rage in wedding planning just yet, but some couples around the world have begun enlisted their help. A 2013 US-based Kickstarter campaign raised money to build Oscar, a jack-of-all-trades robot who can serve as an officiant, flower girl, ring bearer, videographer, usher and more. For $250-500, couples in the Minneapolis area can hire Oscar to make their wedding extra special.

Plan your perfect wedding day with our bridal ring sets 


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Customer Favorites: Reviews of My Trio Rings Bridal Ring Sets

by Gillian Burgess Tuesday, 10 February 2015 Wedding Rings

bridal-ring-setIt is no easy task to select the jewelry you will wear every day for years to come. Though shopping for bridal ring sets should be an exciting activity, it can also cause anxiety when you start to think of all the decisions you have to make. White gold or yellow gold? What cut of diamond? How many carats? What style?

Whew. Take a breath and relax. We’re here to destress the ring shopping process and make it fun again. It can feel overwhelming to narrow down choices for an important purchase like bridal ring sets, but you can start by taking the advice of people who have already been through it.

Each of the My Trio Rings customer reviews comes from someone who has already browsed our selection, made a purchase and decided to share an honest opinion about our rings. Customers are adding new reviews all the time of our diamond engagement ring sets, bridal ring sets and trio ring sets, and every review includes a photo and a link back to the product page. Read other people’s feedback, and use it as a helpful starting point as you make your own ring shopping decisions.

Here is a recent sample of our bridal ring sets’ customer reviews

Layaway Magic

“The layaway plan is awesome and they will work with you when you need it. A very professional and helping customer service and my rings were on my doorstep long before the expected time.” - Jarrod W., McKee, KY, January 31, 2015

The 7/8 CT. T.W. Princess, Round Cut Diamond Ladies Bridal Ring Set in 10K white gold sparkles with 41 natural diamonds and a slim, classic design.

Wonderful Anticipation

“My husband and I were browsing online for wedding sets when we came across this site. I found the set similar to what I’ve been wanting and he ordered it. I was nervous at first but when it arrived I was so excited. Now just a couple weeks left until I can wear it. I can’t wait. It’s beautiful.” - Manuel M., Haines City, FL, January 27, 2015

The heart-shaped design of the diamond engagement ring is the focal point of this 1/2 Carat T.W. Diamond Ladies' Bridal Wedding Ring Set in 10K white gold, and the complementary women’s wedding band is simple and elegant.

Exceeding Expectations

“I didn't know much about rings before I purchase this ring. After I purchased it through layaway. I started doing research. I could have purchased a better quality and was very very nervous about how the ring would look when it arrived and would she like it. well, she didn't like it ...she loved it. The rings looked fantastic! Thanks My Trio Rings!!!!”
- Alexander A., Hammond, IN, December 23, 2014

Our 5/8 Carat Diamond Bridal Wedding Ring Set in 14K white gold is simply stunning. The channel, invisible and side-stone settings give the rings a unique and timeless look.

Center of Attention

“I LOVE Love love my rings! They are so beautiful and shiny and I get tons of compliments on them. Thank you so much for the flexible payment plan, my husband and I love everything about the rings and will be coming back in 20 years to upgrade!” - Sheena M., Knoxville, TN, December 22, 2014

This bridal ring set is not for the timid! 81 round and princess-cut diamonds dazzle in our 3/4 Carat Diamond Bridal Wedding Ring Set in 10K white gold.

Highly Recommended

“Love my rings. Absolutely gorgeous. I would recommend My Trio Rings to anyone!” - Travis C., Decatur, IL, December 19, 2014

Our 1 CT. T.W. Round Cut Diamond Ladies Bridal Wedding Ring Set in 10K white gold displays 63 shimmering round-cut diamonds. 

Which rings will steal your heart? Browse our bridal ring sets and find your perfect match.

3 High-Tech Proposal and Wedding Trends

by Kirsten Clark Tuesday, 19 August 2014 Informational

customizable engagement rings, bridal ring sets, wedding trendsHave you been keeping up with the latest engagement and wedding trends? If not, no problem! I keep up with what’s going on in the industry, so I can bring that knowledge to you; for example, trends for bridal ring sets. Lately, there are new technologies and fads that brides and grooms are integrating into the engagement and wedding experience, such as using social media during weddings. Have you heard of any of these latest engagement and wedding trends? 

1. Ring Cam

Do you want to capture the exact moment of your engagement while also keeping it an intimate moment? Ring Cam allows you to record every smile and tear on your own, without the help of a videographer. It is a specially made engagement ring box that has a video camera inside of it. The ring box looks completely normal, and since you’re the only one who knows the camera is there, you can catch your love’s completely surprised reaction when you present her with one of our customizable engagement rings. You can buy a Ring Cam for around $200 or rent one for $100.

2. Bouquet Cam

One creative couple came up with a genius way to record their wedding: through a small camera in the bride’s bouquet. This allowed the couple to get shots of guests faces as the bride walked down the aisle and close ups of them as they exchanged rings. This isn’t something you can buy ready-made, but you can buy a tiny camera and attach it to your own bouquet.

3. GIFs

Have you heard of a photographer named Jeffrey Lewis Bennett? He stitches consecutive engagement and/or wedding photos together to create a GIF, and the results are simply amazing. What makes these more special than a traditional photo shoot or wedding video? Bennett says, "I believe the best GIFs communicate the feeling of the infinite. Like how a great kiss can feel like it's lasting a lifetime while the rest of the world spins on outside of your private moment." Take a look at some of these and see if you agree.

Wedding trends come and go, but these three seem like they could stick around for a while. As technology advances, people are finding new ways to capture their special moments and share them with others. Do you think you would use any of the above techniques?

Before you capture your magical moment, have one of our customizable engagement rings or bridal ring sets ready!

3 Customizable Bridal Ring Sets

by Kirsten Clark Tuesday, 12 August 2014 Wedding Rings

customizable engagement rings, customizable bridal ring setsAre you one of those people who worries about finding the perfect wedding band to go with your dream engagement ring? We have a solution: our bridal ring sets. Instead of buying your rings separately, why don’t you buy them together? Getting them as a set ensures that they’ll complement each other flawlessly. Not only can you buy your rings as a set, you can also customize them to your specifications! Last week, I wrote about how you can create your dream engagement ring using our customizable engagement rings feature, but this week I want to highlight some of the bridal ring sets you can create through this new feature.

1 1/10 CT. Bridal Ring Set

For this set, I chose a medium, princess clusterhead for the main stone. Once it gave me a list of the bridal ring sets that can be customized with that head, I picked this bridal ring set. I love the intricate detailing on the bands, and I especially love how the engagement ring will sit nicely above the wedding band because of the groove the band has. These rings have a whopping total of 54 sparkling diamonds! This set is available in both yellow gold and white gold, and you can also choose between 10K gold and 14K gold.

3/4 CT. Bridal Ring Set

Next, I experimented with a small, round solitaire head and loved the look of this 3/4 CT. set. The bands on this set are a little thicker, and I am especially fond of the diagonal pattern on both the bands for the engagement ring and the wedding ring. Between these two rings, you’ll be wearing 32 diamonds on your finger. This is another set that can be designed in either 10K or 14K gold, as well as white gold or yellow gold.

7/8 CT. Bridal Ring Set

The last set I looked at was with a medium, princess solitaire head. This 7/8 CT bridal ring set immediately caught my eye because of the baguette cut diamonds on the bands. Often, diamonds on the bands are round cut, so this design stood out among the rest. I especially love how the look with the solitaire princess head! This set is available in both yellow gold and white gold, and you can also choose between 10K gold and 14K gold.

Ready to create your own? Follow these steps:

1. Click the “view customizable rings” button on the top right of the page you’re on.

2. Choose your stone cut.

3. Choose the size of your stone.

4. Then, you’ll get a list of all our pre-existing rings that match your desired stone cut and size. From there, search the list and find the one you like.

5. After you’ve found a ring you like, you can click on it and select which type of gold you want.

Ready to try your hand at jewelry design? Head on over to our pages for customizable engagement rings and bridal ring sets now.

My Trio Rings Q&A: The Basics of Diamond Rings

by Kirsten Clark Tuesday, 24 June 2014 Wedding Rings

my trio rings, diamonds, diamond engagement ringWhen you’re getting married, there are a thousand questions running through your mind about each individual aspect. Take the wedding flowers, for example. What types of flowers will you have? What colors will they be? Will the flowers in the centerpieces be different than the ones in the bridal party’s bouquets? The questions go on and on.

Now, we might not be able to help with floral arrangements, but we can help with all your questions regarding bridal ring sets, diamond engagement rings, and matching wedding bands. If you’ve got a question about wedding rings--we can (and we will!) answer them. This post is just the first in a series of Q&A’s we’ll do to make your decisions a little easier. Today, My Trio Rings is answering three questions about diamonds:

  • Why should I buy a diamond ring?
  • Should I buy a diamond or a cubic zirconia (CZ)?
  • What is the difference between a lab-made diamond and a real diamond?

1. Why should I buy a diamond ring?

Think for a minute: when you see a diamond ring on someone’s left hand, don’t you automatically assume that he/she is engaged or married? Diamond rings have become a cultural norm. However, that’s not the real reason you should buy a diamond engagement ring. The simple fact is this: diamonds are special. They catch the sunlight and sparkle like no other gemstone. If you’re looking to wow passers-by or just simply commemorate a life-changing event, there’s no better choice.

Need more convincing? Here are some more reasons you should by a diamond ring:

  • A diamond engagement ring will match every single piece of your fiancee's wardrobe. You can’t say the same about a gemstone.
  • Diamonds are thought to be one of the most durable substances on Earth, which means a diamond ring won’t give up on you.
  • Because they’re so durable, diamonds are associated with enduring love.
  • During the Middle Ages, diamonds were thought to have healing powers. Talk about a bonus!

2. Should I buy a diamond or a cubic zirconia (CZ)?

Cubic zirconia is an often-used diamond substitute. To an untrained eye, CZ indeed looks like a diamond. If you are looking for a long-lasting stone, cubic zirconia is not the ideal choice. Unlike diamonds, CZ will dull and lose its sparkle over time. Cubic zirconia is also more likely to scratch. Although bridal ring sets with cubic zirconia might be cheaper in the long run, you might find yourself paying more money to replace the stones every few years than you would have if you’d chosen a diamond in the first place. Bottom line: a diamond engagement ring is a piece of jewelry that will last a lifetime.

3. What is the difference between a lab-made diamond and a real diamond?

Did you know that scientists can create diamonds in a lab that are virtually indistinguishable from naturally mined diamonds? They have the same physical and chemical makeup as “real” diamonds, and they’re typically cheaper. However, there are some drawbacks. First, laboratory grown diamonds are normally smaller than natural ones. Also, some people find that lab grown diamonds diminish the gemstone as a symbol. Instead of taking millions of years to form, lab-made diamonds just takes days. Currently, lab diamonds must be labeled as such when being sold.

Do you have any questions for My Trio Rings? Put them in the comments below!

What's Your Bridal Ring Set Style?

by Kirsten Clark Thursday, 19 June 2014 Informational

bridal ring sets, bridal ring set, diamond engagement ringYour wedding rings are an extension of your personality and your style. Think about your personal style for a minute. How would you describe it: traditional, glamorous, understated, or vintage? Or maybe it’s something entirely different. Some people’s clothing style aligns perfectly with their ring style, but sometimes they’re different! Maybe you usually dress more conservatively but find yourself drawn to more glamorous rings.

Don’t know your ring style? It’s simple to figure out. Just think: is there a trend in the rings you feel drawn toward? Maybe every ring you love just happens to have a solitaire diamond head with a simple band. If that’s true, you’re probably drawn to classic-looking wedding rings. Let’s take a look at four different wedding ring styles as well as some bridal ring sets that fit the description.

1. Classic and Traditional

These are the diamond engagement rings you’ll often see described as “timeless”--and for good reason. For example, the ultimate traditional ring is a slender band with a single, round, solitaire diamond. That type of ring will never go out of style. But just because these rings are considered classic doesn’t mean they can’t have a little flair! If you want to mix things up, try a princess cut diamond or even a three-stone ring. Both of these styles give you a little more oomph but still maintain that classic elegance.

2. Glamorous

If simple is just not your style, you might be looking for a bridal ring set with more bling and sparkle. After all, you only (hopefully!) get to choose these rings once. Why not go all out? Glamorous rings are those that are going to stop passers-by dead in their tracks from the glare off all your diamonds. The best thing about these captivating rings is that they aren’t confined to any one type of ring. For instance, look at this princess solitaire ring. It resembles a classic style, but 1 1/5 CT. diamond and the accent beads and diamonds put it over the top!

3. Understated

Do you not want anything too flashy? Do you care very much about the look or size of your ring? If not, you might lean toward an understated sense of style. It’s possible you may even think of the ring simply as a symbol of your commitment and nothing more. Instead of a traditional engagement ring, you could just opt to wear a simple wedding band. Or,if you wanted just the tiniest bit of sparkle, you might look at something like this simple but beautiful 1/10 CT. diamond engagement ring.

4. Vintage

Maybe you’ve always been obsessed with trends and styles from the past. Vintage rings are a trend right now, but like traditional rings, they never seem to go out of style. These rings tend to have beautifully crafted intricate details that distinguish it from other bridal ring sets. One popular trend for this season, halo diamond engagement rings, is actually a vintage styling since it’s reminiscent of rings from the past.

Browse the many different styles of our bridal ring sets

Check Out the My Trio Rings Engraving Service!

by Kirsten Clark Wednesday, 11 June 2014 Informational

engraving service, bridal ring setsDid you know that we have an engraving service at My Trio Rings? If you’re looking to add a more meaningful and personal touch to your wedding rings, then engraving them might be the way to go.

We make it easy for you. All you have to do is visit our engraving page and select which rings you’d like engraved:

Engraving wedding rings goes all the way back to medieval Europe when rings were inscribed with romantic poetry. It’s the perfect way to add personalization and deepen the significance of your rings. Just imagine going above and beyond and engraving a special, intimate word or phrase on one of our bridal ring sets or trio ring sets for your sweetheart. Not sure what to get engraved? Here are a few ideas:

  • Your wedding date
  • The date you met
  • A quote that means something to you as a couple
  • The nicknames you have for one another
  • A romantic secret you share

There are also some common phrases that people get engraved on their wedding rings, such as:

  • I love you
  • Always
  • I do
  • Forever
  • All my love
  • To my wife/husband

Already know what you’re going to put on your rings? Great! Before you place your order, here are a few tips to consider.

1. Unless you want this to be a surprise, it might be a good idea to check with your significant other before making a decision to engrave your rings. These rings will last forever, so you don’t want to make a misstep on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

2. Double check the message you want engraved. Check the spelling. Check the grammar. Read it over and over. Check it again when we email you to confirm the message.

3. If you’re not sure about engraving your rings, then wait. You can always have them engraved later. For example, you could have them engraved after a milestone wedding anniversary.

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4 Lovely Same-Sex Matching Bridal Ring Sets

by Kirsten Clark Tuesday, 10 June 2014 Wedding Rings

bridal ring setsWedding season is almost here, and we want to make sure all of our customers are ready! Today, I want to highlight some of our most exquisite bridal ring sets for female same-sex couples. All of the rings in this section are matching bridal wedding bands, which perfectly symbolize the union you’ll form at the altar. We have a wide selection to choose from, but here are a few of our current favorite bridal ring sets.  

1. 1/3 CT. Matching Bridal Set

Want matching wedding bands that represent your unique style as a couple? Check out this 1/3 CT. matching bridal set. The stylish, almost bead-like design of the rings perfectly complements the 3 columns of 2 diamonds in the middle. This set is made with white gold, and you can choose between 10K gold or 14K gold. Both of the rings have a combined total of 12 round-cut, sparkling diamonds that are sure to catch the sun beautifully.

2. 1/4 CT. Matching Bridal Set

If you’re looking for a classic ring set in yellow gold, this just might be the set for you. These matching wedding bands are simple enough that they would go well with any engagement ring, but also elegant enough to stand on their own. Each of these rings has 9 natural, glittering diamonds. And if you’d rather have them in white gold, that option is available, too! These rings can also be made in either 10K or 14K gold.

3. 3/4 CT. Matching Bridal Set

Do you prefer a thicker band to a thinner one? This set features the wider style and has 3 columns of 2 diamonds on each ring. This design lets the diamonds take center stage, with the grooves on the bands highlighting their sparkle. This matching bridal set is made in 14K white gold and originally retails for double our price.

4. 3/8 CT. Matching Bridal Set

If both you and your sweetheart have an engagement ring with a head that needs to be accounted for when picking out a wedding band, this 3/8 CT. matching bridal set is a good contender. This wedding band would look especially exquisite under a halo engagement ring, and it will slip right under the halo head. This matching wedding band set only comes in white gold, but you are able to choose between 10K and 14K gold. The set has a whopping total of 42 shimmering, round-cut diamonds.

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4 Bridal Ring Sets for Summer Weddings

by Kirsten Clark Wednesday, 04 June 2014 Wedding Rings

bridal ring setsPlanning on proposing this summer and don’t feel like waiting a long time to walk down that aisle? Instead of buying an engagement ring separate from the wedding band, consider buying them together in one of our bridal ring sets.

This approach has many benefits. For example, buying them together ensures that the rings will match, and it will be one less worry when it comes to planning your wedding. If you’re wanting to propose AND get married this summer, we have some exquisite bridal ring sets that are perfect for the season (and ship quickly).

1. 1/7 CT Matching Bridal Set

Summer is a magical time of year, and few of our bridal ring sets scream "magic" quite like this 1/7 CT matching bridal set. The twisted accents on both the engagement ring and the band give this set a romantic and fairytale-esque feel. Snow White herself could have worn these! These rings can be made in 10K or 14K white or yellow gold. There are 17 sparkling, natural diamonds in this set.

2. 1/3 CT Matching Bridal Set

One of the biggest wedding ring trends this season is a halo engagement ring. This 1/3 CT. bridal set combines that trend with a matching wedding band. This trendy, yet timeless square halo diamond engagement ring looks even more gorgeous next to the wedding band that incorporates the same diamond pattern. These rings are made with 10K white gold, and the set has a whopping total of 61 shimmering diamonds.

3. 1/2 CT Matching Bridal Set

Take one look at this ring set, and I bet you’ll be able to to tell why it's perfect for summer. Figure it out? It’s the elegant flower motif on the engagement ring! The head of the engagement ring on this 1/2 CT matching bridal set has a subtle floral design, which gives a unique spin on a classic cluster head engagement ring. These rings are available in either yellow or white gold, and you can also choose between 10K and 14K gold. You’ll also find a total of 21 conflict-free diamonds in this set.

4. 11/10 CT Matching Bridal Set

Here’s another matching bridal set that has an engagement ring with a floral motif head. We love how the large head is paired with thin bands (which is another wedding ring trend this summer). The thinner bands perfectly complement the centerpiece, while also letting it take center stage. This 11/10 CT. bridal ring set has a total of 50 glittering diamonds, and it comes in both white and yellow gold. You can also choose between 10K and 14K gold.

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Bridal Ring Sets for Every Budget

by Kelly Smith Wednesday, 07 March 2012 Wedding Rings

You’re looking for cheap wedding rings, and so unlike many grooms-to-be out there, you know to shop smart and look for inexpensive trio wedding ring sets or bridal ring sets rather than purchasing each ring a la carte for more money. And if you are looking for beautiful bridal ring sets at a great price, then you have come to the right place.

My Trio Rings offers a wide variety of high quality, cheap wedding ring styles to match any taste and any budget.

1. Option 1

If price is your primary consideration, then you might want to consider a lovely 1/7 carat bridal ring set which includes both a diamond engagement ring and a diamond wedding band crafted from 10 K white gold. The round cut diamonds are clustered on the rings in a pattern reminiscent of leaves and flowers. This gorgeous real diamond ring set is only $305.99, and it includes free shipping and a generous return policy.

2. Option 2

If it is inexpensive bridal ring sets you are looking for, then any of the rings or ring sets that My Trio Rings has to offer will likely cost you much less than a standard diamond solitaire engagement ring at a brick-and-mortar jewelry store. Consider a 3/4 carat bridal ring set which is set in 14 K yellow gold. Its extravagant, ornate design looks like a very expensive designer ring set, but in actuality, it only costs $713.99.

3. Option 3

Even the most expensive bridal ring sets that My Trio Rings sells are only $1101.99, which is less than many men pay for just the engagement ring. For that price, you can get a 3/8 carat diamond engagement ring and ladies’ wedding band, set in either white gold or yellow gold with a modern geometric pattern.

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Photo credit: My Trio Rings