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Bridal Ring Sets for Every Budget

by Kelly Smith Wednesday, 07 March 2012 Wedding Rings

You’re looking for cheap wedding rings, and so unlike many grooms-to-be out there, you know to shop smart and look for inexpensive trio wedding ring sets or bridal ring sets rather than purchasing each ring a la carte for more money. And if you are looking for beautiful bridal ring sets at a great price, then you have come to the right place.

My Trio Rings offers a wide variety of high quality, cheap wedding ring styles to match any taste and any budget.

1. Option 1

If price is your primary consideration, then you might want to consider a lovely 1/7 carat bridal ring set which includes both a diamond engagement ring and a diamond wedding band crafted from 10 K white gold. The round cut diamonds are clustered on the rings in a pattern reminiscent of leaves and flowers. This gorgeous real diamond ring set is only $305.99, and it includes free shipping and a generous return policy.

2. Option 2

If it is inexpensive bridal ring sets you are looking for, then any of the rings or ring sets that My Trio Rings has to offer will likely cost you much less than a standard diamond solitaire engagement ring at a brick-and-mortar jewelry store. Consider a 3/4 carat bridal ring set which is set in 14 K yellow gold. Its extravagant, ornate design looks like a very expensive designer ring set, but in actuality, it only costs $713.99.

3. Option 3

Even the most expensive bridal ring sets that My Trio Rings sells are only $1101.99, which is less than many men pay for just the engagement ring. For that price, you can get a 3/8 carat diamond engagement ring and ladies’ wedding band, set in either white gold or yellow gold with a modern geometric pattern.

Get started shopping for rings today!

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Best Places to Propose in San Francisco

by Melia Dicker Tuesday, 06 March 2012 Proposal

This post is part of the My Trio Rings Precious Places series, which uses Mashable's Top 10 Cities for Getting Engaged list for inspiration.

If you're planning a creative proposal, the possibilities abound in San Francisco. With dozens of well-known landmarks, romantic waterfront destinations, and breathtaking views, the City by the Bay will capture your heart.

Where to Propose in San Francisco

1. San Francisco Landmarks

You'll find a variety of romantic spots in Golden Gate Park, including the Queen Wilhelmina Tulip Garden and the Japanese Tea Garden. Walk with your lady hand-in-hand through the Conservatory of Flowers, a greenhouse and botanical garden that features a beautiful collection of plants. As she stops to admire a flower that catches her eye, get down on one knee and present her with a striking diamond cluster ring.

The Palace of Fine Arts is lovely by day and gorgeous by night, when its rotunda lights up the pond by which it sits. It's the perfect place for a romantic stroll that culminates in a proposal.

If your bride-to-be is adventurous, a San Francisco cable car is the perfect place for a creative proposal. Look at the route in advance and select an area of the city that suits her (Nob Hill and Ghirardelli Square are two possibilities). She'll already be giddy from cruising up and down the hills, and she'll be ecstatic when you pop the question. Ask your cable car driver to ring the bell in celebration of your engagement, and don't be surprised if your fellow passengers applaud!

2. Along the water

The famous "Bay to Breakers" race in San Francisco is so named because it begins on the eastern side of the city along the San Francisco Bay and ends on the western side, at the Pacific Ocean. This means that you have plenty of coastline to choose from when planning where you'll propose.

Along the Pacific, take a walk along Ocean Beach. The cold and fog are staples along the coast, so bundle up and prepare to get cozy in order to keep warm. Ask her to close her eyes for a moment and write, "Will you marry me?" in the sand. Another option is to treat her to a romantic meal at the Cliff House. While she admires the ocean views, catch her gaze and ask for her hand.

On the San Francisco Bay, choose from a number of lovely spots. Watch the adorable sea lions at Pier 39, ride the carousel, or visit the aquarium. Each one makes provides a picturesque backdrop for her diamond cluster ring.

3. From up on high

The world-famous Top of the Mark sky lounge crowns the InterContinental Mark Hopkins Hotel. From the 19th floor, you can enjoy live music and take in views of some gorgeous San Francisco landmarks, including the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. The Top of the Mark offers a special package for your creative proposal, including a bottle of bubbly and a Top of the Mark chocolate ring box. 

Twin Peaks is known for having some of the most magnificent views in all of San Francisco. Take a drive at night and park the car so you can admire the lights of the city.

Coit Tower sits atop Telegraph Hill and is a well-known landmark in San Francisco. Consider climbing the steep Filbert Steps from the bottom of the hill. Upon arriving at the top, out of breath and marveling at the view, drop to one knee and propose. This creative proposal is for active types only!

Before you propose in San Francisco, choose a diamond cluster ring that will dazzle her.

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What Does a Diamond Cluster Ring Mean?

by Kelly Smith Wednesday, 29 February 2012 Wedding Rings

When you start planning a wedding on a budget, it may seem like purchasing a diamond cluster ring is just another item on your to-do list. Depending on your point of view, it might seem overwhelming to shop for such a big purchase, or it might seem like a really straightforward shopping trip.

But before you run to a jewelry store or click “purchase” on a wedding jewelry website, slow down for just a minute and consider all that this purchase means. A diamond cluster ring is a physical symbol of your lifetime commitment to your spouse. After all, we all know that a diamond is forever! A diamond cluster ring means that you give each other the future, no matter what it holds. It means that you will stay together through thick and thin.

As a result of the lifelong importance of your purchase, you will want to make sure that you make a wise investment when you purchase a diamond cluster ring.

How to Invest in a Diamond Cluster Ring

1. While you are planning a wedding on a budget, allow an adequate budget for a high quality diamond engagement ring made from conflict-free diamonds. You can probably save money if you choose such products as a diamond cluster engagement ring or a trio wedding ring set.

2. Select a timeless ring design that will symbolize your love and commitment for many years to come rather than choosing a trendy look that one or both of you might tire of over time.

3. Choose a ring that you can afford to buy with a clear conscience, without jeopardizing your wedding budget or your future financial security. Don’t spend more than your ring budget.

4. Take excellent care of your ring by getting it cleaned and inspected regularly.

5. Insure your ring through your insurance company to protect against loss or damage.

Check out these timeless rings from My Trio Rings!

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Start Fresh With an All New Diamond Wedding Ring Set

by Kelly Smith Sunday, 26 February 2012 Wedding Rings

Many people aren’t thinking about divorce when they choose a diamond wedding ring set, but the reality is that many people who are tying the knot are actually divorced and getting married for the second time around. Does this apply to you? It may feel strange in some ways to be on the hunt for a conflict-free diamond yet again, but most people would agree that it is important to purchase new wedding jewelry for your new relationship.

How can you start fresh with a new diamond wedding ring set?

1. Dispose of your old conflict-free diamond.

You don’t necessarily need to throw your old wedding jewelry in the trash, but you probably don’t need it sitting in your top dresser drawer or your medicine cabinet as you start fresh with a new marriage. Think about whether you would like to sell your ring. Some jewelers or pawn shops might be able to offer you a good price, but be sure to shop around. Some people also sell jewelry on sites like Ebay or Craigslist.

Another idea is to purchase a trunk or bin of some type to house your mementos from your previous marriage to store in the attic. If you have children, you probably won’t want to torch your first wedding album, so think about simply boxing up photographs, wedding jewelry, and other special items to save for your children to look at someday. If you can't decide, perhaps the safety deposit box is the best place for now.

2. Choose a diamond wedding ring set in a new style.

Select a ring set that is a different style from what you wore during your first marriage. You may wish to consider a different color (white gold rather than yellow gold, for instance), a different setting, or a different style. If you had a modern style before, think about more classic or romantic looks. If you had a very extravagant style before, think about selecting a plainer ring set.

Shop for a diamond wedding ring set that matches your new relationship!

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The New Face of Conflict-Free Diamonds

by Kelly Smith Wednesday, 22 February 2012 Wedding Rings

Recently, there has been some clamor in the news about whether or not we can trust the Kimberley certification scheme, the entity which is intended to reassure consumers that the diamonds they give in love are not mined or sold in hate. A recent Bloomberg article clarifies the issue which caused a key watchdog group to drop out of the Kimberley Process in December 2011:

“The worst manifestation of the weakness of the [Kimberley] scheme is in Zimbabwe. In 2008, the government deployed soldiers to seize the massive, newly discovered Marange diamond fields, killing more than 200 miners and forcing others, including children, to dig for gems. Zimbabwean authorities claim that the establishment since of four enterprises -- mining companies in joint ventures with the government -- has regularized operations in Marange. But security guards still attack local miners to drive them off, preserving the area’s riches for the government’s chosen few.”

The basic problem that the Bloomberg article sees is that the Kimberley Process was established in order to prevent the sale of diamonds that were funding wars. The specific guidelines for the conflict-free diamonds certification process, although intended to protect all innocent players in the diamond industry from harm, only specifically applies to armed conflicts. Indeed, “the Kimberley rules did not cover human-rights abuses like those in Marange.”

My Trio Rings is able to purchase conflict-free diamonds directly from the De Beers mines, so customers can be confident that their affordable wedding rings are ethically mined and sold. For more overall consumer confidence across the entire diamond industry, the Bloomberg article recommends a few key reforms to the Kimberley certification scheme:

For Kimberley certification to live up to its original intent, it needs to prohibit not just diamonds that fund rebellions but also those that owe their provenance to abuse of human rights.”

Such reforms in the trade of conflict-free diamonds are more possible than ever this year, as the U.S. is the Kimberley chairman in 2012, headed up by diplomat Gillian Milovanovic. Big Kimberley reforms are especially relevant to the U.S., as “the U.S. alone makes up 38 percent of the polished-diamond market,” and demand for affordable wedding rings made from real diamonds is on the rise. Reformers have high hopes for Milovanovic’s leadership in pushing changes forward in order, “to ensure diamonds, a token of love exchanged between two people, aren’t procured at the expense of others.”

Browse My Trio Rings' selection of wedding band sets.

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Best Places to Propose in Atlanta

by Melia Dicker Tuesday, 21 February 2012 Proposal

This post is part of the "My Trio Rings Precious Places" series.

If you're looking for proposal ideas, take a look at the list recently released by Mashable: the Top 10 Cities for Getting Engaged, according to Facebook. Today we begin a series of posts that profile each city and highlight the best places to get down on one knee and present your love with a beautiful diamond cluster ring

Where to Propose in Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia, blends big-city culture with relaxed Southern charm. Here are three types of Atlanta proposal ideas for you to consider:

1. An elegant restaurant

During dinner, excuse yourself and secretly slip the diamond cluster ring to your waiter, with a request to bring it out with dessert or champagne. If there's a live band, approach during a break and request that the band play a song that means something to you and your sweetie. Here are a couple of the most romantic restaurants in Atlanta:

Bacchanalia is consistently rated as one of the Top 10 restaurants in Atlanta and has been number one in the Zagat guide since 1996. It's also often mentioned as one of the best places to propose. Relax into the cushy banquettes and enjoy the classy ambience, the friendly waitstaff, and the creative menu (with the chef sending out several small bites called "gifts" throughout the meal).

Set atop the Westin Peachtree Plaza, the Sun Dial Restaurant and Bar rises 73 stories above the city and rotates, offering breathtaking 360-degree views. The top floor revolves completely every half hour, the bottom floor every hour. 

2. A peaceful park

Take a walk hand-in-hand through the 30-acre Atlanta Botanical Garden and admire the beauty of the rare plants and flowersYou'll take your lady's breath away when you present a diamond cluster ring against such a gorgeous natural backdrop. The 10,000 square foot Fuqua Orchid Center is especially romantic. 

Plan a picnic at Centennial Olympic Park and surprise her with strawberries, champagne, and a sweet proposal. Or, if she's the adventurous type, playfully grab her hand and run through the Fountain of Rings. It's the largest interactive foundation in the world and is tiled in the shape of Olympic rings. Once you two are lightly soaked and laughing, get down on one knee in the middle of one of the rings and ask for her hand.

3. A center of culture 

If your bride-to-be loves to see a show, romance her at the theatre or the symphony. Propose at dinner before the show, or during an evening walk afterward, while you're both enraptured by the magic of the stage.

The Fox Theatre is a beloved historical landmark and the perfect place to take in dinner and a show. Dress up for the special occasion, and take in the gorgeous grandeur of the theatre.

The Grammy-award winning Atlanta Symphony Orchestra performs at several venues in town, including the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre at Encore Park. With 200 concerts per year to choose from, you're sure to find one that she'll fancy.

Before you propose in Atlanta, find a diamond cluster ring that she'll love. 

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3 Popular Settings for Trio Wedding Rings

by Melia Dicker Tuesday, 14 February 2012 Ceremony

When you're shopping for a bridal ring set, you need to consider several different factors. You'll need to keep your purchase within your budget. You'll also want to pick trio wedding rings that best suit your tastes. In addition to a wedding band that works for you, the setting of your diamonds is a large part of the style of your rings.

Here are three of the most common settings for trio wedding rings:

1. Prong Setting / Claw setting

Prong settings, or claw settings, are the most popular and most classic style, especially for solitaire rings. Four prongs show more of the diamond's surface area, while six prongs hold the gem more securely. It's typical for this setting to give the impression that the diamond is floating above the band, letting in more light and enhancing its sparkle. One downside to prong settings is that the prongs may occasionally catch on hair or clothing.

2. Cluster Setting

 Cluster settings group smaller diamonds together into a shape. Simple shapes include circles and squares, and more intricate shapes include flowers and leaves. My Trio Rings offers a wide selection of trio wedding rings with cluster settings because they are less expensive than large solitaire diamonds. They also provide an impressive visual impact. 

3. Channel Setting

 Channel settings in a bridal ring set embed stones into the band. In an engagement ring, they accent a solitaire diamond or cluster beautifully. Channel settings come in many different patterns. Some line the top of a band, and others form an artistic pattern around the entire band. One advantage of choosing a channel setting for your trio wedding rings is that the bands clearly complement each other, symbolizing your union as a married couple.

How to Save Up for Affordable Wedding Rings

by Kelly Smith Sunday, 12 February 2012 Wedding Rings

You are ready to propose marriage to your girlfriend, so now is the time to shop for and buy an inexpensive diamond engagement ring. But even affordable wedding rings seem may seem out of your league without a plan. What is the solution? Follow these easy budget tips to get you saving up for that conflict-free diamond ring – fast.

1. Month 1 – Instead of taking your girlfriend out to dinner at the new seafood bistro downtown on Friday night, look up a couple of easy recipes online to create an inexpensive, romantic meal at home. Put aside the money you would have spent on appetizers, entrees, drinks, and dessert in an envelope – that’s $50 toward affordable wedding rings!

2. Month 2 – Your boss asks you to pick up extra hours one Saturday to help him out. Encourage your girlfriend to have a chick-flick marathon with her friends and work those extra hours. Add that $100 to your envelope to save for a conflict-free diamond ring.

3. Month 3 – Ask your girlfriend to join you for dinner and a movie – at home. Pick up a pizza and a movie, and slop the saved movie theater ticket – drink – and popcorn money into your envelope (or savings account). You are $25 closer to purchasing affordable wedding rings.

4. Month 4 – Think about small ways to economize your budget. Downgrade your cell phone plan, wash and iron your own clothes this month instead of taking them to the dry cleaners, put your gym membership on hold for a month and jog around the neighborhood instead. Just a few economical measures could save you $75 or more.

5. Month 5 – You get your tax refund check in the mail - $250 in the bank! Combine that refund check with the $250 you already have saved, and you are ready to purchase not only a conflict-free diamond ring, but an entire trio wedding ring set – with just five months of saving! You will even have a little extra money to spend on taking her out to dinner to celebrate.

What are your tips for saving money?

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5 Ways to Use Pinterest for Wedding Planning on a Budget

by Melia Dicker Thursday, 09 February 2012 Wedding Ideas

If you haven't discovered Pinterest yet, it's time that you do. The site allows you to share the beautiful and interesting things that you find on the web quickly and easily. It's free to register on Pinterest, and it's incredibly useful for discovering creative budget wedding ideas. 

Start by visiting Pinterest.com and start a free account. Select the people whose pinboards you want to follow (both friends and those you don't know personally). Then create pinboards for the topics that interest you, such as "Recipes," "Ideas for the Home," and, of course, "Wedding Inspiration." With the click of your mouse, you can now pin the photos you discover on the web and repin photos that other people have shared on their boards. One word of caution: Pinterest is seriously addictive.

Here are 5 ways that you can use Pinterest to plan the budget wedding of your dreams:

1. Save-the-Dates and Invitations

The easiest way to decide on the style of Save-the-Dates and Invitations is to look at a variety of examples and see what catches your eye. Do you prefer a modern design, or a more classic one? Splashy or understated? Whether you are planning a destination wedding or a homegrown event, you'll find inspiration for wedding planning on a budget.

2. Engagement & Wedding Photography

You may have rolled your eyes when you've seen run-of-the-mill engagement and wedding photography. Make sure to avoid cheesy poses yourself by finding creative shots on Pinterest and showing them to your photographer. Get ideas for props you can use in your engagement photos, such as chalkboards for writing fun messages, and start brainstorming unexpected settings. Give your photographer suggestions for uncommon wedding day poses and shots to capture.

3. Wedding Decor

Pinterest users (or "Pinners") share wedding decor ideas galore. Find pictures of gorgeous place settings for indoor or outdoor weddings, sweet wedding favors, and simple flower arrangements. You're sure to find the perfect accents for your budget wedding, including eco-friendly and DIY options. .

4. Bridal Style

You'll find many different ideas for bridal style on Pinterest. Pictures of wedding dresses range from elegant to simple to funky. You'll find ideas for wedding day shoes, jewelry, and styles for every kind of hair. There are even accessories that you can make yourself if you're wedding planning on a budget.

5. Honeymoon

What kind of honeymoon would you like to follow your budget wedding? One of the biggest benefits of Pinterest is that it displays a plethora of beautiful photos side by side. You can browse through them and decide whether you'd like to save or splurge on your honeymoon, and what kind of experience you'd like to have. Do you want to lounge on a tropical beach? Go camping in the wilderness, or ride the roller coasters at a Disney theme park?

BONUS - 6. Follow My Trio Rings!

My Trio Rings has created a number of pinboards which cover unique engagement and wedding rings spanning the entire web in addition to pictures of the latest ring styles and designs in the industry and by My Trio Rings. Follow the pinboards to see updates to these boards!

To look for wedding ideas on Pinterest, hover over the "Everything" option on your home screen with your mouse, then choose "Wedding & Events" from the drop-down menu. You can also use the Pinterest search bar to search by keyword for a specific type of item.

Happy pinning!

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How to Save on a Budget Honeymoon

by Kelly Smith Wednesday, 08 February 2012 Honey Moon

After you pick out your affordable wedding rings and plan a beautiful budget wedding, it is time to think about planning your budget honeymoon. Just like with planning a wedding on a budget, it is necessary to prioritize your honeymoon dreams in order to maximize your honeymoon dollar. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Shop around

One of the best ways to save money on your budget honeymoon is to shop around. Sometimes discount travel sites such as Expedia.com and Orbitz.com will offer the best deal on airfare, rental cars, and the like. Other times, your best bet is to purchase directly from an airline or hotel. Sometimes more generic deal sites such as Groupon.com will run great travel deals. Once you have a general idea of your budget honeymoon priorities, start searching all around for deals in your price range. In general, the sooner you book travel, the better prices you can get, although there are some last-minute travel sites that could work well for you if you are willing to wait until the last minute to make your plans.

2. Be flexible

If a beach honeymoon is your dream, you can likely save a lot of money if you are flexible about which beach you choose. A stateside beach resort or state park is likely to be less expensive than a beach honeymoon in the Caribbean, for example. You may also be able to save a great deal of money if you can be flexible with your budget honeymoon dates. It is often cheaper to fly mid-week than to purchase airline tickets for weekend flights, in case air travel is part of your honeymoon plans.

3. Travel off the beaten path

Just like with planning a wedding on a budget, it can often be cheaper to choose not to do what everyone else is doing for their honeymoon. If you are willing to consider alternate destinations or are excited about traveling to popular destinations in the off season, then you might be able to get more for your budget honeymoon buck.

What are your honeymoon dreams?

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The Basic Affordable Wedding Ring Set Buying Guide

by Kelly Smith Tuesday, 31 January 2012 Wedding Rings

Buying a diamond ring can be intimidating, to say the least, especially since it is something that most people don't do very often in their lifetime. If you're uncertain about how to proceed, go no further than this affordable wedding ring set buying guide to get you on the right track.

1. What is a trio wedding ring set?

One of the best deals you can get on conflict-free diamond jewelry is when you purchase rings as a set. A trio wedding ring set represents your most affordable option. This is a set of three rings: an engagement ring, a ladies' wedding band, and a men's wedding band. The three ring set offers an excellent value because it costs less to manufacture, market, and ship the rings as a package set. This savings is passed on to the consumer as well, especially if the affordable wedding ring set is purchased from a reputable online retailer with low overhead costs. Many jewelers such as My Trio Rings also offer a significant savings on two wedding bands bundled as a set or a bridal ring and an engagement ring bundled as a set, even if you don't need an entire trio set.

2. What is a diamond cluster ring?

A diamond cluster ring is a ring which consists of a cluster of smaller diamonds rather than one large diamond solitaire. Each smaller stone is a real, conflict-free diamond, but the rings are more affordable since smaller diamonds are less expensive. The grouping of diamonds together offers a similar visual impact to diamond solitaire rings for a much lower price.

3. What is a conflict-free diamond?

A conflict-free diamond is a real diamond which is certified to be ethically mined and sold. My Trio Rings is a company that offers customers the assurance that the diamonds used in each affordable wedding ring set are guaranteed conflict free. This means that the proceeds from the initial diamond sales were not used to fund armed conflict in troubled areas of the world.

Need more information?

*The 4 C’s
*Proper Diamond Care
*Ring Insurance
*Ring Purchasing Timetable

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A Trio Wedding Ring Set Testimonial

by Kelly Smith Sunday, 29 January 2012 Wedding Rings

The word is spreading about where to find high-quality, real diamond engagement and wedding rings at affordable prices.

My Trio Rings mostly serves customers in the United States, but it has seen increasing international demand, as well. Trio wedding ring sets have been shipped to Nigeria, the UK, Switzerland, Qatar, Trinidad and Tobago, St Lucia, Canada, Kergistan, Australia, Finland, Kuwait, Dominican Republic, Korea, and more. One couple in the Philippines, Lester and Hydee Ico, share more about their experiences as international wedding jewelry customers.

What were your priorities when choosing a trio wedding ring set?

My priorities in choosing a wedding trio were the quality of the ring, especially the diamonds, and the assurance that the rings would be sent exactly as I ordered. As a customer, I usually check online sites which would give me the perfect type of ring that my wife and I would like at a minimal price. That's when I found My Trio Rings.  I was amazed with the design and also with the prices that they have compared to those stores with good quality rings but with very high prices.

Was it easy to order your trio wedding ring set online from My Trio Rings?

Well, to tell you honestly, there were some problems regarding the order I made. At the time I ordered the set, the online site showed that the set was in stock, but after I made my order, they told me that it was already out of stock. [Because Lester’s diamond cluster ring set of choice sold out minutes before his order went through, My Trio Rings upgraded Lester’s set at no additional charge, from a diamond cluster ring set to a diamond solitaire ring set in the same style but with a larger, more valuable stone in the engagement ring. Lester and his wife Hydee are some of the first customers to experience My Trio Ring’s soon-to-be-released line of affordable diamond solitaire jewelry.]

How did you choose your trio wedding ring set?

I chose these rings based on what my wife wished me to have. It was all about our communication as a couple to select the rings that should be purchased.

What do you like best about your rings?

The thing I like most about the rings is the upgrade that they have done for my wife's engagement ring.

What do your friends and family think about your rings?

Well, as other people will say about a couple wearing a diamond set, it is whoa! Also, they were excited when they saw my wife's engagement ring with one stone in the middle that was made just for us and isn’t even on the online site yet. Thanks to My Trio Rings, and your excellent diamond sets and customer service. 

Photo credit: Lester and Hydee Ico

Creative Proposal Ideas for Valentine's Day

by Kelly Smith Tuesday, 24 January 2012 Proposal

This Valentine's Day, don't think roses -- think rings! There is still time to buy a diamond cluster engagement ring if you want to propose this year on Valentine's Day. Whether you decide to buy a single engagement ring or a trio wedding ring set that includes an engagement ring, start coming up with your creative proposal ideas now. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

5 Creative Proposal Ideas

1. Buy a dozen roses for your girlfriend. Tie the roses with a ribbon, and slip a diamond cluster engagement ring onto the ribbon as you tie the bow. When she takes the flowers from you, she should brush the ring with her fingers.

2. Turn a casual coffee date into something more by hiding a diamond cluster engagement ring on the saucer under the cup when you carry her coffee from the counter to the table. She will see the ring when she lifts the mug to take a sip. Consider getting the barista involved by requesting a heart-shaped swirl of steamed milk, whipped cream, or chocolate sauce.

3. Give her a book for Valentine's Day. Before you wrap her gift, cut some of the pages out, and tape the ring inside. When she opens the book to flip through politely, she will find the diamond cluster engagement ring hiding inside!

4. Create a treasure hunt with clues that will remind her of special memories that the two of you share. When she reads the final clue, follow her to where you have hidden the engagement ring, and get down on one knee to propose to her.

5. Arrange a night of dinner and dancing. Request a special song from the DJ. When the love song that you requested is played, take her left hand and slip a diamond cluster engagement ring onto her ring finger while the two of you are dancing.

What are your creative proposal ideas?

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Save on a Diamond Cluster Ring or Trio Wedding Ring Set

by Kelly Smith Sunday, 22 January 2012 Wedding Rings

You proposed to your fiancee with a family heirloom engagement ring. Now it is time to start thinking about wedding bands. You want to find a great deal, even though you already have an engagement ring and don't need a money-saving trio wedding ring set.

With My Trio Rings, you can still get a really good deal on a diamond cluster ring, even if you don't need rings in a set of three. The trick is going to be finding the right match to your existing ring. If the engagement ring is very plain, then almost any style of wedding band could conceivably look nice. Or if the ring is more ornate, you may wish to opt for a more plain wedding band. Whatever style your diamond cluster ring is, here are a few simple, timeless wedding bands to match almost any style or any budget.

1. Option 1 is a 14K gold ring. It has two straight rows of 1/4 carat diamonds with a thin center band of smooth white or yellow gold. [You will likely want to choose yellow gold to match an antique yellow gold ring and white gold to match an antique white gold, silver, or platinum ring. Most of these rings are available in 14 K yellow gold or 14 K white gold for the same price.] This band will run you $183.99 for a ladies' band, or $458.99 for a set which includes matching wedding bands.

2. Option 2 is a slender 14 K gold band with a straight line of 5/8 carat diamonds nestled right against the smooth edge of the gold band. This beautiful yet simple diamond cluster ring costs $203.99 for the ladies' band or in a matching his-and-hers set for $581.99.

3. Option 3 confirms that you don't need to purchase a trio wedding ring set to find a great deal. This elegant 14 K gold ring features one straight line of 1/5 carat diamonds nestled in a subtly patterned gold band which is plan enough to go with almost anything but which also exudes great elegance. This ring is $275.99 for the ladies' band and $678.99 for a matching diamond cluster ring set.

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An Affordable Wedding Ring Set Shopping Schedule

by Kelly Smith Monday, 16 January 2012 Ceremony

Okay, guys. You know that you’re ready to marry her. You’re just itching to pop the question. How soon do you need to pick out an inexpensive diamond cluster engagement ring and plan a surprise proposal? Well, if you don’t feel the need to have a ring in hand, then you can ask her whenever the time feels right. But if you want to wow her with a beautiful, affordable wedding ring set, then here is a tentative schedule to get you started. (Of course, if you are in a hurry, you can do it much faster, but this timeline gives you plenty of time for browsing and planning!)

Six weeks before engagement

Start thinking about creative engagement ideas and preparing yourself for the process.

Four weeks before engagement

Start comparison shopping for the ideal inexpensive diamond cluster engagement ring. Look around online to determine what style and what characteristics are most important to you. Observe your girlfriend’s style of dress, home décor, and jewelry selection for helpful hints.

Two weeks before engagement

Select and order an affordable wedding ring set that fits your budget and your bride-to-be’s style. Consider an affordable wedding ring set with an inexpensive diamond cluster engagement ring in addition to a men’s and ladies wedding band to get your budget off to the right start.

One week before engagement

Receive your affordable wedding ring set in the mail (My Trio Rings offers fast, free shipping. Your rings will ship out within two business days of your order). Make sure that the set meets your standards, insure the rings, and find a safe place to keep them.

A few days before engagement

Finalize your proposal plan and rehearse what you want to say. Make a date with your girlfriend so that you are sure she is available at the appointed time.

The day of the engagement

Set the stage for your proposal. Hide the inexpensive diamond cluster engagement ring in your pocket or wherever it needs to be to pull off your proposal. Take a deep breath and do it!

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How to Make Budget Wedding Memories Last a Lifetime

by Kelly Smith Sunday, 15 January 2012 Ceremony

As you are planning for your budget wedding and deciding what your priorities are, consider that your wedding day will be a beautiful day, but it is also likely to be a busy day. Make sure that you are making plans that will help you make budget wedding memories that will last a lifetime.

Make Budget Wedding Memories for a Lifetime

1. Get Married When You Both are Ready

When you are thinking about picking out an affordable wedding ring set and planning a wedding, make sure that you are both ready to get married and commit to each other for a lifetime. Read these tips to help you decide whether you two are ready to take the plunge.

2. Choose Real Diamonds

When you are selecting an affordable wedding ring set, be sure to choose real diamonds. Real diamonds are certainly more expensive than alternatives such as cubic zirconia, but fake diamonds do not have the strength and history of real diamonds, and they are not likely to last a lifetime. If you want to save money on real diamonds, simply consider purchasing diamond cluster rings that are part of an affordable wedding ring set from a reputable online jeweler. This is a wise investment at a great price, and it will last you a lifetime.

3. Hire a Professional Photographer

Many wedding planners and brides who have been there would agree that one of the most important things to NOT skimp on during your budget wedding planning is photography. If you want to share your wedding memories with your children and grandchildren in the years to come, then hire a professional who knows how to best capture your special day on film. In addition to ordering prints, it is also worthwhile to splurge on digital copies of your wedding photos, so that you can be sure to preserve those memories for a lifetime.

4. Preserve Your Dress

If you might want to pass your wedding dress on to a daughter or granddaughter today, don’t just throw it up in the attic. Protect your budget wedding dress investment by taking your dress to the cleaners or to a bridal shop to get it preserved in a special airtight box that will help your dress last much longer.

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How to Protect Your New Trio Wedding Ring Set

by Kelly Smith Monday, 09 January 2012 Wedding Rings

Purchasing a trio wedding ring set is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion for most people, and you will want to be sure that you get it right. If you purchase real, conflict-free diamonds from a reputable jeweler, then you are off to the right start. If you consider purchasing your trio wedding ring set from an online jeweler that offers affordable diamond cluster rings, then you are on the road to staying within a reasonable budget.

But one of the most important things to do to complete your trio wedding ring set purchase is to promptly protect your investment through your insurance company. Even if you have a safe place to keep your rings both before and after your engagement and wedding, even if you take proper care of your affordable diamond cluster rings, things happen. Even if you found a great price and made a smart purchase, it is likely to be a purchase that you don't want to repeat. So the best thing to do is consider the purchase incomplete until you have added the rings to your insurance policy.

It is usually quite easy to insure your rings with the company you already use for rental insurance, homeowners insurance, or car insurance, and you will often get a discount for having multiple policies with the same company.

Just call your insurance agent to make an appointment to bring in the trio wedding ring set along with all paperwork from your jeweler. It should be quick, easy, and inexpensive to get the policy started, and you could even do it before you pop the question, if you feel confident that your bride-to-be shares your taste in affordable diamond cluster rings and won't want to take advantage of the 30 day free return policy on trio wedding ring sets.

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Where Does Your Diamond Cluster Ring Come From?

by Kelly Smith Sunday, 08 January 2012 Wedding Rings

Being a modern consumer means not knowing firsthand where exactly all of your purchases come from and in what condition they were produced.

Do you know the farmer who grew your sweet potatoes? Do you know exactly where your gas comes from? Have you been to the country where your running shoes were manufactured? What about the real diamond cluster ring you hope to purchase as an engagement ring?

When it comes to diamonds, your assurance as a consumer comes from the Kimberley Process. Slightly more than a decade old, the Kimberley Process is an international diamond certification scheme that is intended to reassure consumers that the diamonds they are purchasing were mined and sold under fair conditions and that the proceeds from these jewels that symbolize eternal love are not being used to fund things such as armed conflicts. The Kimberley Process is certainly reassuring, but it is not without its problems.

There are difficulties inherent to regulating and monitoring the diamond trade, especially in areas experiencing civil unrest. This is why many different groups are involved in keeping tabs on the diamond trade under the auspices of the Kimberley Process, specifically in regions of the world undergoing political turmoil. In early December 2011, one of the watchdog groups, Global Witness, dropped out of the Kimberley Process, voicing their disagreement about certain diamonds of questionable origins being released into the world market from Zimbabwe. Despite this action, the United Nations supported the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme in a December 20, 2011, press release, and they promised global diamond consumers that they will help further strengthen the system.

As a consumer, you are not likely to travel to Africa, where a large percentage of the world's diamonds are mined, and you are not likely to have the ability to personally check up on diamond mines. Instead, you rely on the Kimberley Process to ensure that the diamond cluster ring you have your heart set on is in fact made from conflict-free diamonds. How can you do this?

1. Only purchase wedding jewelry from a jeweler who can guarantee that your ring of choice is in accordance with Kimberley Process regulations, meaning that to the best of their knowledge, it is made from conflict-free diamonds. My Trio Rings is dedicated to providing consumers with diamonds that are certified conflict-free, as regulated by the United Nations and the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. In fact, our organization is one of the 72 companies in the world that has the ability to buy diamonds from De Beers. Since we only use diamonds that were bought from the De Beers mines and were cut in our factories, we are able to guarantee that all the diamonds are Kimberly-certified. 

2. Compose emails, write letters, or make phone calls to your state and national representatives, asking them to support the United Nations promise to strengthen the Kimberley Process. Your input can further ensure that American consumers are able to continue to purchase certified conflict-free diamonds with confidence.

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