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Wedding Ideas

My Trio Rings Blog provides useful information about how to experience the timeless traditions of marriage on an affordable budget

Top 10 Reasons to Propose this Fall with a Trio Wedding Ring Set

by Kelly Smith Monday, 24 September 2012 Proposal

The sun is shining through the colorful leaves. Delicious fall breezes are blowing. Change is in the air. Is it time for you to make a change in your life? Perhaps you are considering a proposal this fall, but you are still on the fence. Is now the right time for you to propose?

10 Reasons to Propose this Fall

1. You know that he is the one.

Maybe you have had many boyfriends, or maybe it has always been him. Regardless, you know in your heart that he is the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with, the person you want to share for better or for worse with.

2. You see eye-to-eye on important issues like money, religion, and children.

You have a solid foundation for starting a life together with compatible values, attitudes, goals, and dreams. You’ve discussed the future and have a shared vision for what it might look like as a couple.

3. You are ready to start your life together.

It is fun to go on dates and spend time together, but you are ready to start creating an entire life together.

4. You know that he is ready, too.

Sometimes women are more ready for commitment than men, but you feel secure in your relationship and confident that you are both ready for taking the next step forward together.

5. You are a confident woman.

You are a confident go-getter. You are sure of yourself and don’t feel the need to wait for him to plan a proposal.

6. You can afford a trio wedding ring set.

You are ready to purchase a trio wedding ring set for the two of you, or maybe you have a couple of possibilities bookmarked to show him after you pop the question.

7. You can afford a budget wedding.

You are in a good financial situation as a couple to be able to afford to plan and execute a budget wedding in the near future.

8. You have an exciting proposal plan.

Maybe you want to propose to him at a baseball game before the end of the regular season, or you have another proposal idea in mind that you are ready to act on.

9. You might want to plan a budget wedding for the fall or winter.

If you want to get married soon, then you will want to get married even sooner

10. There is no time like the present!

Are you ready to propose? Get started with a trio wedding ring set today!

Photo credit: Forest Wander

Best Places to Propose in Denver

by Kelly Smith Monday, 24 September 2012 Proposal

The Precious Places series continues, with Denver, Colorado in this week’s spotlight. From professional sports to the arts to outdoor activities, Denver is a diverse city that offers something to everyone.  If you’re ready to get engaged, then pick out an inexpensive engagement ring and get started!

Best Places to Propose in Denver

1. In a Garden

If you are looking for the best places to propose in Denver, you may not have to look any further than the Denver Botanic Gardens. With three different locations, the gardens feature a wide variety of landscapes, trails, and plants. Whether you wish to propose on an alpine trail or in a romantic fragrance garden, the Botanic Gardens are an excellent place to set the mood.

2. With Chocolate

Denver offers a wide variety of amazing restaurants. But for something a little different, skip the dinner date and bring an inexpensive engagement ring to Crave Dessert Bar, where you can share decadent gourmet treats such as chocolate-filled strawberries, rich red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, or cheesecake dipped in melted chocolate. You can also enjoy a wide selection of appetizers, coffees, and adult beverages to accompany your dessert.

3. On the Street

Old South Pearl Street is an eclectic shopping district full of distinctive local flavor. Hold hands as you browse vintage bikes, mystery books, boutique wines, and more. Get a massage or sit down and relax at one of Pearl Street’s many delicious eateries, from Sexy Pizza to Budapest Bistro. This charming district reflects the diversity and history of Denver and offers something for everyone. If you choose Pearl Street as one of the best places to propose in Denver for you, just bring the ring along with you and pop the question when the mood strikes, whether it be over a cup of coffee or people watching on a bench.

Share your proposal story with us!

Photo credit: Chrismyers67

How to Propose at At&T Park in San Francisco

by Melia Dicker Tuesday, 18 September 2012 Proposal

propose in AT&T ParkSo you're ready to propose! If you and your sweetheart are fans of the San Francisco Giants, you know that she would love a proposal at the ballpark, and you're confident that she'll say yes, why not propose at AT&T Park? Here's how:

1. Select the game at which you'd like to propose. Proposing at a weekend or premium game will be more expensive than proposing at a weekday game.

2. Call the Giants Experience Hotline at 415-972-2349 to set up the details. 

3. Choose how you'd like to propose:

4. Make sure you're ready for the big moment. Throughout the game, make sure you're ready to propose, and that your lady is where you need her to be when it's showtime!

Now that you've learned how to propose at AT&T Park, pick out the perfect engagement ring at My Trio Rings.

10 Steps to Planning a Proposal

by Kelly Smith Saturday, 15 September 2012 Proposal

1. Find the Right Person

Sometimes you know after the first date. Sometimes you know after three years. There is no perfect time frame for realizing that you want to spend the rest of your life with someone. But when you know you’ve found the right person, then you may wish to begin planning a proposal.

2. Decide on the Best Time Frame

Now that you are ready, do you want to propose as soon as possible, or are you hoping to wait until a significant event like a holiday, an anniversary, or an upcoming trip?

3. Determine a Budget

What is your budget for planning a proposal? Are you limited to what you spend on an inexpensive engagement ring? Or do you also have funds for a nice dinner out, a weekend getaway, baseball tickets, or another more elaborate plan?

4. Shop for an Inexpensive Engagement Ring

Start browsing stores and websites for engagement rings. Think about your loved one’s style and taste as well as your own budget. Make a short list of your favorite choices, and shop around for the best deal. Remember that you’re likely to get the best deal on an inexpensive engagement ring online.

5. Measure her Finger

Before you purchase a ring, you will need to know her size. If she wears a ring on her ring finger, measure it sometime when it is off her finger. You could also consider ordering a free ring sizer from My Trio Rings to use after she goes to sleep, or ask her mom or sister in confidence if they know her size.

6. Purchase a Ring

Once you have finalized your budget and her sizing, pick the ring you think that she will love best and order it.

7. Consider Possible Locations

Now is the creative part of planning a proposal. Will you propose at home over a candlelight dinner? Or will you use the inexpensive engagement ring to propose more publicly at a sporting event, a botanical garden, or at the top of the Empire State Building? Will you organize a singing proposal flash mob or have her unwrap a special package under the Christmas tree this year?

8. Make a Plan

Once you have considered all the possibilities, make a plan and choose a date to pop the big question.

9. Practice What You Want to Say

Some guys stick to the traditional down-on-one-knee, will-you-marry-me. Other guys like to be more eloquent in their proposal, sharing their feelings openly with their girlfriend. If you want to say something special, think in advance about what that might be.

10. Execute Your Plan

Now is the time to make your proposal happen. Grab the ring and go!

Photo credit: Ryan Polei

Where to Propose: See the Fall Colors in New England

by Melia Dicker Thursday, 13 September 2012 Proposal

fall colors new englandIf your lady is a nature lover, start planning the perfect proposal for her now: a trip to see the fall colors in New England. The Northeast is legendary for the vivid colors of its autumn foliage. The brilliant oranges, yellows, and reds are breathtaking. If you're considering where to propose this fall, there's no better backdrop you could choose. 

Typically, the fall foliage season begins in mid-September and lasts until mid-October, though this will vary depending on the year and the location. With a quick online search, you should be able to pick a date when the colors are at their peak.

Here are 5 places to propose in New England this fall:

1. In View of a New Hampshire Waterfall

New Hampshire Waterfalls are gorgeously dramatic, especially when set against a background of vibrant autumn colors. There are plenty of falls to choose from: Sabbaday Falls, the beautiful pools catching three cascades; Thompson Falls, with a gorgeous view of Mount Washington; or Arethusa Falls, the highest waterfall in New Hampshire at 176 feet. The only thing that could make this scene more stunning is a diamond cluster ring!

Read more about New Hampshire waterfalls and New Hampshire driving tours

2. On a Hike in Green Mountain National Forest in Vermont

Vermont is known for its year-round beauty, which is especially notable in the fall. Travel writer Mashall S. Berdan says, "If the question is about fall foliage, the best answer is always Vermont." He suggests five drives that yield gorgeous views.

The small state is a great choice for a road trip, because you can easily travel between destinations. Vermont's anti-billboard laws ensure that your view of the landscape will be uncluttered. The Green Mountain National Forest site suggests a few beautiful attractions on a hike, including Thundering Falls, White Rocks Cliffs Trail, and Little Rock Pond Trail.  

3. On a Road Trip Through Maine

Given that Maine is a large state, you have many options for a road trip here, on highways and back roads. Here are one travel writer's Top 10 Routes to View Maine Fall Foliage. Check Maine's fall foliage site for the best times to visit.

Consider stopping in Bethel, Maine, a historic town in the western part of the state. It's close to New Hampshire and a drivable distance from Boston, Hartford, and New York City. The reflection of the colorful leaves in the mountain lakes will make your sweetheart swoon, even before you drop to one knee and present her with a diamond cluster ring! 

4. At Walden Pond in Massachusetts

Walden Pond, which Henry David Thoreau made famous in his book Walden, is one of the most picturesque spots on the planet. Walden Woods, the undeveloped woods on the State Reservation, total 2,680 acres, providing you with plenty of nature to explore. Pack a picnic and sit on the bank of the pond. Wade into the water or take a swim. This National Historic Landmark is an unforgettable setting for your proposal, with the fall colors in New England all around you.

5. Atop The Litchfield Hills in Connecticut

The Litchfield Hills, CT, is a perfectly lovely place for a fall proposal. The historic town of Litchfield is a short drive from Boston, New York City, and Hartford, and it's home to several quaint country inns just outside of town. In town, you'll find plenty of attractions. Around Columbus Day is usually an ideal time to see the fall colors here, so take a long weekend with your bride-to-be!

Before you plan your trip, pick out the perfect diamond cluster ring!

Photo credit: Wikimedia

What You Should Know When Buying Trio Ring Sets

by Melia Dicker Tuesday, 04 September 2012 Wedding Rings

Shopping for trio ring sets can be overwhelming at first. What's the difference between a princess cut and a baguette cut? What is a carat, and what difference does it make? We're here to help you make sense of the terms and options you'll come across when shopping for wedding ring sets. 

Let's start with the 4 C's of diamond classification. When buying a diamond, it's important to know the 4 C's of diamond classification: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Collectively, the 4 C's tell you the value of a diamond.


Many people consider cut to be the most important of the 4 C's. The cut of each diamond is intended to maximize its sparkle and visual impact. The cut may also refer to the number of facets, or flat surfaces, a diamond has. Keep in mind that cut is different than shape.


The most classic and valuable type of diamond is colorless. Colored diamonds, which come in just about every color from blue to pink to orange, contain small amounts of impurities. The more colorless a diamond, the purer and more expensive it is. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) grades diamonds on a color scale from D (colorless) to Z. Diamonds become more yellow as they approach the bottom of the scale.


A common misconception is the carat describes the size of a diamond. In fact, it measures a diamond's weight. A carat is equal to 200 milligrams, and typically jewelry is measured in 1/4 carat increments. The higher the carats, the higher the cost. This is especially true of single stones, because large diamonds are rare.


A diamond is more valuable the more perfect it is. Being natural gemstones, diamonds can have a range of internal and external irregularities that interfere with light passing through the stone. The GIA grades clarity on a scale that ranges from flawless (FL or IF) to imperfect (I).

If you'd like to know more, My Trio Rings has created an illustrated guide to the 4 C's


Popular diamond shapes include round, princess, and baguette. Here are some examples, with descriptions from our Diamond Cut Shapes page:

Trio Ring Sets with Round Diamond Cuts

The round brilliant is the most popular and common diamond shape. It is mathematically designed to provide maximum scintillation, beauty and 'fire' in the diamond. It has 58 facets, and follows the natural shape of rough diamond crystals.

Trio Ring Sets with Princess Diamond Cuts

A princess cut diamond is shaped like an upside-down pyramid, with a square base. The shape creates a bigger top facet and accentuates the natural 'fire' of a diamond. It has grown in popularity recently as an alternative to the traditional round brilliant cut.

Trio Ring Sets with Baguette Diamond Cuts

The baguette shape, named after the French bread, has a long rectangular shape. The baguette shape accentuates the diamond's natural luster and is well suited to accompany other different shaped diamonds. It is rarely made in larger sizes, but works well to complement other bigger diamonds used in a design.

One advantage of buying wedding ring sets is that you don't have to choose between diamond cuts. You can choose a set that includes rings with two different cuts!

My Trio Rings offers wedding ring sets to suit any budget. In our Shop section, search by price range in the left sidebar on to find the perfect one for you!

4 C's images courtesy of GIA

To Propose in Public or Not to Propose in Public

by Kelly Smith Wednesday, 29 August 2012 Proposal

The Internet has been abuzz in recent weeks about proposals – and specifically about whether to propose in public. There have been many recent proposal videos and photos that have gone viral online, and some spectators are uncertain about the whole show.

If you are ready to propose, then you are likely to be well aware of how well your offer would be received if you decide to propose in public. But just in case you’re on the fence, here are some things for you to think about before you make arrangements with the announcer at the ball game:

3 Reasons Not to Propose in Public

1. One or both of you is shy or very private and would prefer to share a more intimate proposal with just the two of you present.

2. Your spouse-to-be is likely to want to be able to look in a mirror or change their outfit before getting national media attention.

3. You are not 100% sure what your significant other’s response might be to your proposal, and you don’t want an audience if the answer is maybe.

3 Reasons to Propose in Public

1. You are certain that your spouse-to-be would love a very memorable and very public marriage proposal, especially something that will celebrate something that you share in common, such as a love of a certain sports team.

2. You first met in a public location, and you would like to revisit that spot to propose for sentimental reasons.

3. You are both very people-oriented, and the moment you present a diamond cluster engagement ring doesn’t need to be private. In fact, it might be even more exciting to have other people around.

Whatever your proposal style, pick out a diamond cluster engagement ring today!

Photo credit: FreeRishad

Best Places to Propose in Las Vegas

by Kelly Smith Monday, 27 August 2012 Proposal

Las Vegas is kind of like Disney World for grown-ups. It is a fantasy world where people can be who they want to be and do what they want to do. It is an enchanted world where you can stroll from Paris to Venice to a tropical paradise all in the course of a single afternoon. What better place to propose than such a fantasy world?

Best Places to Propose in Las Vegas

1. Over Dinner

Amazing culinary opportunities abound in Las Vegas. From bountiful gourmet buffets to four star sit down restaurants, there is no shortage of opportunity to share a romantic meal. For something truly decadent, wander past the Eiffel Tower to Mon Ami Gabi, one of the best places to propose in Las Vegas. It is the home of stunning French food that may make her swoon almost as much as an inexpensive diamond solitaire ring.

2. Over Water

For a city in the middle of the desert, Las Vegas is a watery oasis. Water-oriented proposal options abound, but one of the best places to propose in terms of romance is in a gondola, either in the Grand Canal inside The Venetian, or on a dinner cruise on Lake Las Vegas, which is slightly further afield.

3. In a Wedding Chapel

Not all couples plan out an elaborate proposal followed by months of planning an elaborate wedding. If you are a man or a woman of action, you may prefer to simply have an inexpensive diamond solitaire ring or trio wedding ring set at the ready and propose a wedding on the spot at one of Las Vegas’s famed wedding chapels. You will save some money along the way by having a proposal, wedding, and honeymoon all in one.

Choose your favorite inexpensive diamond solitaire ring today!

Photo credit: lyng883

Best Places to Propose in San Diego

by Kelly Smith Wednesday, 15 August 2012 Proposal

This post is part of the popular Precious Places series.

San Diego is a friendly, laid-back city. It has something for everyone, from sunny beaches to hip shops, from diverse cuisines to popular museums. Its relaxed atmosphere and ease of getting around set it apart from many other big cities. Wherever you decide are the best places to propose in San Diego, its summer vacation vibe is certain to create a memorable proposal.

So what ARE the best places to propose in San Diego?

1. Over Pasta

The Gaslamp Quarter offers a wide variety of lovely and romantic restaurants, from authentic Mexican to Afghan cuisine. Take an evening stroll past the shops and restaurants together. On 5th Avenue, you will find Acqua Al 2, an Italian restaurant with roots in Florence, Italy. Sit outside and watch the people walk by in the cool evening air. Or choose an intimate table indoors. The menu offers many amazing dishes that aren’t found at most stateside Italian restaurants. The farfalline alla zucca, a pasta with zucchini, garlic, and parmesan, is outstanding, although you can’t go wrong with any of the menu choices. Your most important decision will be whether to pull out the affordable wedding ring set before or after the torta di cioccolatta.

2. In a Garden

The Balboa Park area is another beautiful area to wander and explore together. In Balboa Park, you will find the acclaimed Japanese Friendship Garden.  Each area of the garden is simultaneously breathtaking and peaceful and would make a lovely outdoor proposal spot. One of the best places to propose in the garden is under the fujidana trellis overflowing with wisteria. Look across the garden to water meandering past rocks amidst the timeless beauty of lush trees and flowers.

3. On the Beach

And if neither of these is quite right for your vision of the best places to propose, don’t worry. You can always choose the beautiful California beaches at sunset.

Choose an affordable wedding ring set today!

Photo credit: Sunburned Surveyor

Affordable Engagement Rings for Any Budget

by Melia Dicker Tuesday, 14 August 2012 Wedding Rings

It really is possible to find high-quality diamond engagement rings that fit your budget. We know that you have many expenses when planning a wedding, and you can use the money you save on rings on a variety of other purchases, from your dream honeymoon to a beautiful wedding cake.

Here are three examples of affordable engagement rings that are also stunning. You'll find a great many other options at each budget level by browsing the Engagement Rings section of the My Trio Rings website. You can purchase any of these My Trio Rings engagement rings in diamond ring trios, as well.

affordable engagement ring$200 Engagement Ring Budget

If your bride loves the look of a solitaire ring, but you don't have the budget for a single-stone setting, an illusion solitaire head can have even greater impact. In profile, the ring head of this 1/4 carat engagement ring has the same triangular shape as a classic solitaire ring, but it has a diamond cluster head. The 10K white gold band is popular because it has the appearance of silver, while being more durable and resistant to tarnishing. Best of all, it's priced at $199.99. 

$400 Engagement Ring Budget

The floral diamond cluster head of this impressively affordable engagement ring makes it stand out above the rest. So does the curvy diamond pattern on the surface of the 14K white gold band. The suggested retail price of this ring is $899.99, but our price is $349.99. The 4.8 mm band embedded with 15 natural, conflict free diamonds gives this ring a big impact. 

affordable engagement ring$600 Engagement Ring Budget

This 1/4 carat diamond women's engagement ring offers so much sparkle, it's hard to believe the price: $599.99.  The suggested retail price is $1,499.99, which means you will save an unbelievable $900. On the 14K white gold band and the head of the ring, your bride-to-be will be wearing 23 natural, conflict-free diamonds on her finger. The diagonal diamond cluster patterns on the band highlight the ring's princess head.

To find diamond ring trios to fit your budget, read "Diamond Cluster Rings for Any Budget." Enjoy free shipping and a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee on all orders! 

Best Places to Propose in the U.S. Virgin Islands

by Melia Dicker Thursday, 09 August 2012 Proposal

If you're ready to propose, the beautiful U.S. Virgin Islands await you and your sweetheart. (For tips on St. Thomas, see "Best Places to Propose in St. Thomas.") This post will focus on St. John and St. Croix.

St. Croix is the largest of the three U.S. Virgin Islands, and it's full of culture, nightlife, and outdoor activities such as diving. St. John, an island with an area of 28 square miles, has many beaches where you can snorkel, sail, or dive. St. John is also home to Cruz Bay, its main town and port.  

The Virgin Islands National Park encompasses half of St. John island, and the land is preserved.  You'll find plenty of hiking trails, including Cinnamon Bay trail that passes a former sugar factory and many native tropical trees. Here are a few ideas for places to propose that she'll never forget.

At an all-inclusive resort

There's nothing like a tropical resort to pamper yourself as a couple. The job of the staff is to make sure that you have not a care in the world. Enjoy room service and schedule a massage at the spa. 

At the Renaissance St. Croix Carambola Beach Resort & Spa, you can enjoy ocean views from your room, a screened-in private patio, and gorgeously landscaped grounds. On the beach, put up your feet on one of the dozens of chairs set out for guests. Go for an evening walk, and when the sun drops low over the water, take advantage of the moment and present her with a diamond cluster ring

The Westin St. John Resort & Villas has 47 acres nestled into Great Cruz Bay. The white sand shores are lined with palm trees, and a bevy of sailboats float on crystal blue waters. Enjoy outdoor activities such as swimming, kayaking, tennis, and snorkeling. Browse the resort's Romance Packages, including the Honeymoon Package that includes special rates, couples' massages, snorkel gear, and a picnic basket.

In a waterfront restaurant

The Galleon in Christiansted, VI, is a splurge, but it is well worth the investment for a romantic evening. As if the view of the marina weren't enough, the fresh food and the extensive wine list will make you feel like royalty. 

Many reviews of Waterfront Bistro say things like, "This was our best meal on the island!" and "Great views!" Try the fresh fish with dishes like ceviche and mahi salad. The open air restaurant with breathtaking views is the perfect place to present your lady with her diamond cluster ring

In a lovely outdoor setting

When you're ready to propose, plan a day sail trip to St. Croix's Buck Island Reef National Monument. Buck Island contains 800 acres of nature reserve, a gorgeous beach, and snorkeling. The underwater life will take your breath away; you'll see turtles, colorful tropical fish, and maybe even nurse sharks (they don't bite). You can also hike on Buck Island, so bring your walking shoes. Check out companies like Buck Island Tours that will take the lead so you can sit back and relax.

The National Park at St. John has a large variety of coral reefs, beautiful beaches, hiking trails, and historic ruins. You can enjoy all kinds of outdoor sports, such as scuba diving, kayaking, and camping. Think about taking a sailing or snorkeling tour with a private company like Cruise Ship Excursions.

Ready to propose? Browse our many gorgeous engagement rings and trio ring sets in our product videos.

A Vision of an Outdoor Budget Wedding

by Kelly Smith Monday, 06 August 2012 Ceremony

You’ve found the love of a lifetime. You’ve proposed. You’ve chosen a trio wedding ring set together. But now that the time has come, what will your budget wedding actually be like? Feeling stumped? Picture this possibility:

It is a gorgeous fall day. The sun shines brightly through the changing leaves that rustle in a gentle breeze. You and your groom stand hand-in-hand by the lake at the local state park, surrounded by your closest family and friends. You are holding a bouquet of seasonal wildflowers in front of your mom’s altered wedding dress. He is wearing his favorite suit.

Your minister marries you as a flock of geese flies over the glistening lake. After the kiss, you and your new husband wander together over to the picnic shelter where your budget wedding feast is waiting. Since you saved so much money by choosing an outdoor wedding with a small guest list and modest attire, you are able to splurge on a catered gourmet picnic lunch.

With your beautiful trio wedding ring set on your fingers at last, you are both able to relax and enjoy the moment together with a small, intimate group of guests. Unlike many couples, you actually are able to sit down and enjoy your own wedding food. While you are kicking back with the people you love most, your favorite wedding photographer will continue to take breathtaking pictures to help you remember this day for years to come.

You and your guests savor the fresh air and sunshine while eating pan seared lemonfish, grilled asparagus, a mixed greens salad with apricots and toasted hazelnuts, and a crisp white wine. For dessert, you chose the nicest bakery in town to make a luscious almond wedding cake topped with raspberries. And before you know it, it will be time to depart on your budget honeymoon!

Start planning your budget wedding with My Trio Rings today!

Photo credit: technicallyCreative

Best Places to Propose in New Orleans

by Kelly Smith Thursday, 02 August 2012 Proposal

New Orleans is a city that stands out in the South. It offers diversity and mystery and is like a little taste of Europe stateside. Take a trip with your true love and explore the romance of sunset on the bayou, hidden architectural treasures on cobblestone streets, avenues lined with ancient oaks, and street cars that drive you to candlelit bistros.

Best Places to Propose

1. In a Restaurant

New Orleans is a melting pot of cultures and traditions. It offers some of the most interesting and diverse food of the gulf south. Decide on a cuisine that suits your fancy – French? Cajun? Italian? Indian? – and make a reservation at one of New Orleans’ many small, intimate neighborhood restaurants. Or for a more spontaneous proposal experience, wander Magazine Street and choose one of the best places to propose on the spot as you stroll by the wide selection of restaurants and bars.

2. Under the Trees

Audubon Park is full of gorgeous old live oak trees that offer both shade and romance. Relive your childhood by climbing the low limbs, and pull out a diamond cluster engagement ring for a surprise proposal among the leaves. Or if you’d prefer to keep both feet on the ground, pack a decadent picnic lunch of prepared food and fresh fruit from Whole Foods Market. Wander the park and spread a picnic blanket under the trees. And if you want to make a day of it, nearby attractions include the botantical garden, zoo, and art museum.

2. On the Water

For a proposal that is unique to New Orleans, choose to propose on or along one of its many bodies of water. One of the best places to propose from this perspective is on a swamp tour. There are many opportunities for such adventures in south Louisiana. Consider a Honey Island Swamp Tour, which is a little off the beaten path from most New Orleans area attractions, but which is worth the drive. Ride through a mysterious world of ancient reptiles and birds, still waters, and Spanish moss until the moment is right to pop the question.

Pick a Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring Today!

Photo credit: Butterbean Man

Best Budget Wedding Dances

by Kelly Smith Monday, 30 July 2012 Wedding Ideas

When you are planning a budget wedding, one challenge is to find the best prices and prioritize your hopes and dreams without scrimping on creativity and individuality. If you can find a good deal on your reception music, one fun way to express yourselves as a couple is during the dancing. You have a groom. You have a date. You have a venue. You have an inexpensive wedding ring set. Now is the time to plan the dances! Here are a few creative ideas to get you started.

1. The Whole Wedding Party Dance

If you have a wedding party that is made up of good dancers, or at least people who would be willing to get out there and try, then you might want to recreate something like this couple, who started their first dance as a married couple to a sedate slow dance, but one minute in broke out into a snappy number from “Grease,” with the assistance of their entire wedding party. A dance like this could be choreographed with a live band or with a DJ, depending on your budget and music preferences.

2. Father - Daughter Dance

If some members of your wedding party have two left feet or a little bit of stage fright, how about Dad? Would he be excited about making some moves for a memorable father - daughter dance at your budget wedding reception? This dad has very smooth moves and appears to have a playful sense of humor as he dances his daughter into her new life. The father – daughter dance is a time when most of the attention is on the bride, her wedding gown, and her inexpensive wedding ring set. It is a great time to shine and express some originality.

3. Bride and Groom Dance

How well does the new bride and groom work together? This couple shows off their romantic side when they start dancing slowly to “Unchained Melody.” Then all of a sudden, the couple breaks into a marvelous rendition of “Baby Got Back,” with wild cheers from all of their guests.

Plan an original budget wedding today!

Photo credit: Nuno Duarte

Best Places to Propose in Orlando

by Kelly Smith Wednesday, 25 July 2012 Proposal

Orlando is a city where magic happens. From castles and carriages to coasters and crocodiles, you can live your dream at any age. Orlando is a particularly excellent proposal spot because it is a place where only your imagination is the limit.

Best Places to Propose

1. The Magic Kingdom

Disney offers many different options for proposals depending on your particular romantic persuasion. For thrill seekers, a proposal in the Haunted Mansion, in the dark caves of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, or even racing downhill on a roller coaster might be just the ticket. Of course, if you choose this kind of proposal, you may wish to leave the trio wedding ring set back at the hotel. For a more romantic proposal, you might consider proposing under Cinderella’s Castle beneath the Nighttime Spectacular fireworks display or finding a quiet spot to pop the question in the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse.

2. Epcot

If international travel is more your speed, Epcot may be one of the best places to propose in Orlando. Craft a proposal that includes a decadent meal such as feeding each other Mexican treats at La Cave del Tequila, indulging in Moroccan pastries at Restaurant Marrakesh, or staring into each other’s eyes over spaghetti and meatballs at Tutto Italia or Via Napoli.

3. Universal Studios

Create a truly magical proposal at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Orlando. You choose the best places to propose: surprise her with a trio wedding ring set over a butterbeer in the Three Broomsticks pub, in a bag of treats from Honeydukes sweet shop, or while flying over the grounds of Hogwarts Castle on the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride.

Choose your trio wedding ring set and plan your magical proposal today!

Photo Credit: mabecerra

Is a Conflict-Free Diamond Ring Right For You?

by Kelly Smith Monday, 23 July 2012 Wedding Rings

So often it seems like it costs more money to make the better choice. The printer paper made from recycled paper costs more. The organic milk costs more. And we all know that the Hawaiian honeymoon costs a wee bit more than a trip to the state park. Fortunately, even if you are planning a wedding on a budget, there are many excellent choices you can make without sacrificing beauty, quality, or integrity. One of those choices is quite simple: choose a conflict-free diamond ring.

1. Do you want a beautiful ring?

Choose a ring made from gorgeous conflict-free diamonds. You can choose a conflict-free diamond ring in just about any style and price range that you have in mind. With My Trio Rings, you have the assurance of a jeweler that has privileges with Kimberley Process certified De Beers mines, so you can be sure that your ring is not only gorgeous, it is actually conflict-free and affordable.

2. Do you want a ring that will last a lifetime?

Just because you are planning a wedding on a budget doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice quality. Don’t choose anything less than a ring with real diamonds that are certified conflict-free. Fake diamonds and lesser metals might save a few dollars in the short run but a real conflict-free diamond ring with real gold will save a lot of heartache in the long run.

3. Do you want to celebrate your love of a lifetime with a piece of jewelry that honors human life?

Celebrate your love with a conflict free diamond ring that promotes sound human rights practices and strengthens economies of equality. With My Trio Rings, you can find the integrity, quality, and beauty you desire at a price you can afford.

Start shopping for yours today!

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Best Places to Propose in Honolulu

by Melia Dicker Thursday, 19 July 2012 Proposal

If you and your sweetheart are planning a trip to the Hawaiian island of Oahu and you're ready to propose, take advantage of the opportunity to pop the question in paradise! Hawaii is known for its natural beauty and welcoming spirit of aloha. The Honolulu area has plenty of fine dining options and adventurous activities, so it will be easy to romance your bride-to be.

No matter where you propose in Honolulu, order a flower lei in advance that you can gift to your lady after you present her with the diamond cluster ring of her dreams. A local florist can recommend the best kind of flower for the occasion. 

Where to Propose in Waikiki

Waikiki is the famous resort area located on the south shore of Honoloulu. The main street, Kalakaua Avenue, is the hub of shops and restaurants. The brilliant blue waters of the Pacific and waving palm trees are as romantic a setting as you could imagine. 

If your girlfriend is the outdoorsy type, she will love a proposal in Waikiki. Think about planning a hike to the top of Diamond Head crater, a well-known landmark of the island of Oahu. The hike isn't easy, but the ocean view is completely worthwhile and provides a perfect backdrop for a proposal.

After you've placed the gorgeous diamond cluster ring on her finger and you've hiked back from Diamond Head, you'll have worked up a strong appetite. Take her to the brunch buffet at Duke's Waikiki to celebrate. Located right on the beach, it's a beautiful place to toast to your future with champagne.

For dinner, an excellent choice is Roy's, the first of Roy Yamaguchi's famous restaurants. The steak and seafood house with Asian influences serves up signature dishes like "Roy's Original Blackened Ahi with Spicy Hot Soy Mustard Butter Sauce." If your mouth isn't watering yet, just think about the chocolate molten lava cake, which you absolutely cannot miss.

Where to Propose in Downtown Honolulu

If you can, plan your proposal around First Friday Honloulu Gallery Walk in Chinatown. It's a free, lively outdoor event on the main drag of downtown Honolulu between 5 and 9 pm on the first Friday of every month, with late night parties happening at the bars in the area. Stop by the galleries and shops and then head to dinner at one of the amazing restaurants downtown.

Many say that their dinner at Chef Mavro was the best they've ever had. Once you're ready to propose, make a reservation here for an Asian fusion/French multi-course meal your sweetheart will never forget. The attentive staff and the impeccable ambience will complement the diamond cluster ring that will take her breath away. 

After dinner, head to Indigo for drinks. The bar is known for its delicious, affordable cocktails, like lychee marinis and lemon drop martinis for around $4 each. Catching a show at the Comedy Club at Indigo will cap off a night that neither of you will forget.

When you're ready to propose, pick out the perfect engagement ring at My Trio Rings! Check out the new videos that showcase our wide selection. 

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Surprise Your Man with a Trio Wedding Ring Set

by Kelly Smith Monday, 16 July 2012 Wedding Rings

Ladies, are you ready to get married? Are you fairly certain that your guy is also ready to take the plunge and start planning a budget wedding with you? One good sign is that he initiates conversations about a shared long-term future together and can’t wait to spend his life with you. Just because he is ready to commit doesn’t necessarily mean that he has worked up the nerve to propose yet! Fortunately, there is no rule that says that you can’t be the one to pop the question. To get started, choose a trio wedding ring set that incorporates your style with his.

A Trio Wedding Ring Set for Every Guy

1. The Sports Fan

If your guy would rather be glued to a sports game than doing just about anything else, then you might want to consider a trio wedding ring set such as this one that has a thicker men’s wedding band with styling reminiscent of a class ring or sports ring. The ladies’ wedding band is a smaller version of the men’s wedding band, and the engagement ring features sixteen princess cut diamonds in a central square feature set in yellow gold. All this bling can be yours for you and your husband-to-be for $799.99.

2. The Sensitive Guy

Some guys prefer a more masculine design, while other guys lean towards the romantic for their wedding band. If your guy has fun cooking dinner with you, discussing your favorite novels, or catching the latest rom com together, then he might like a wedding band with more subtle and elegant styling, such as this one carat diamond trio wedding ring set that is set in white gold. In addition to tastefully stunning diamonds, these rings also offer romantic detailing on the bands, all for $1049.99.

3. The Outdoorsman

If your husband-to-be is happiest stomping through the woods, fishing by the lake, or just spending time soaking in the great outdoors, then you might like to choose this ring set that features a curving leaf-like design. This 14 K white gold ring set includes ¼ carat total diamond weight for only $579.99

Even if your guy doesn’t fit into any of these categories, keep shopping around for the budget wedding ring set that is right for you. Now you are well on your way to planning your budget wedding!

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