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4 Tips for Planning a Pinterest Wedding

by Kirsten Clark Monday, 12 May 2014 Wedding Ideas

ISS_4567_01485.jpg By now, you’ve probably heard of Pinterest (and you may have already spent countless hours there). If not, let me catch you up. Pinterest is essentially an online scrapbook. You can create virtual “boards” with different themes and “pin” anything you want to those boards.

These boards can be used for various purposes -- documenting new recipes you want to try, a dress you want to keep an eye on, and, yes, even planning your dream wedding. A lot of soon-to-be brides use Pinterest as a way to gather ideas for their big day. (And it’s not only brides-to-be that have a wedding board-- this writer has one and has no intention of getting married anytime soon.) Pinterest can be an extremely useful wedding planning tool, and we want to make sure you’re using it to its full potential. Here are 4 tips to help you plan your perfect Pinterest wedding:

1. Create Separate Boards

Instead of creating one huge board for your wedding, consider creating different boards for the various aspects of the planning process. For example, you can have separate boards for your dress, flowers, and invitations. This way, you’ll be able to keep everything organized and you won’t have to sift through hundreds of pins of wedding dresses trying to find that wedding invitation you liked. Here are some other board topics to consider: makeup, bridesmaids, photography ideas, cakes, groomsman, his and hers rings, and centerpieces.

2. Follow the Right Boards

To get the most out of Pinterest, make sure you’re following relevant people and brands. That means that you should be following wedding experts! You can also tailor the experts you follow to your particular style. Here’s an initial list of people to follow to get you started: Brides Magazine, The Knot, Bridal Musings, Disney Weddings, The Broke-Ass Bride, and, of course, My Trio Rings.

3. “Pin It” Bookmark

If you want to make pinning even easier, download the “Pin It” bookmark. This will generate a button on your bookmark bar that will allow you to pin anything from any page. This way, when you’re surfing the web for his and hers rings and you find sets you love, you can just click the “Pin It” button to have the link go straight to your Pinterest board designated for your wedding rings. 

4. Pick Your Battles

Let’s just throw it out there -- Pinterest can be addictive. It has innumerable DIY ideas for weddings, and it’s easy to get caught up trying to make every aspect of your wedding a DIY project. Have an idea of things you can DIY and things you should leave to the professionals. Also, it’s important to remember that sometimes less is more. When you look back on your day, you’re going to remember the important things like seeing your partner’s face as you began to walk down the aisle. You won’t care that you didn’t have a replica of the candy buffet you saw on Pinterest. Don’t try to do it all, and focus the elements that are most importantn to you as a couple. 

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Best Places to Propose in Ann Arbor, Michigan

by Julianna Pardue Wednesday, 07 May 2014 Informational

places-to-propose-ann-arbor If you’re looking for a romantic place to propose, Ann Arbor, Michigan may not be the first location that comes to mind. Ann Arbor, however, is a great city brimming with eclectic, artistic culture. It’s home to numerous museums - from art and archaeology to science and natural history - as well as many performance arts groups and theatres. When you’re around town, you may even spot an adorable art installation — there are seven tiny fairy doors hidden downtown.

Before you pop the question and present that flawless diamond engagement ring, check out these places to propose in beautiful Ann Arbor, Michigan.

1. Matthaei Botanical Gardens & Nichols Arboretum

What better place to pop the question than when surrounded by a glorious arrangement of natural beauty? This 300-acre public garden is full of displays, natural trails and breathtaking sights that make for the perfect romantic backdrop. You can find a secluded spot surrounded by a sea of flowers or by the water’s edge.

2. University of Michigan Museum of Art

The University of Michigan Museum of Art is particularly notable for its great collection of Asian art. The museum itself is housed in a beautiful building. Whether you want to propose in front of an original Monet or in the lovely rotunda, it’s an elegant place to go down on one knee.

3. Main Street Ventures

Main Street Ventures hosts a group of restaurants throughout downtown Ann Arbor. The Chop House in particular is known for its fine dining atmosphere and premium wine selections. It also contains La Dolce Vita — a dessert and cigar lounge. The Chop House also accepts private dining reservations 90 days in advance, so you can share an intimate meal with your loved one.

4. Michigan Theatre

Some people have proposed via the Michigan Theatre’s marquee letters. While that sort of attention isn’t right for every proposal, the Michigan Theatre is full of charm and beauty. It has the flavor of a classic theater and even live organ music that plays before the film rolls. It also hosts live entertainment and shows for the whole family. For a little Hollywood glamour in your proposal, there’s no place classier than the Michigan Theatre.

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FAQs About Engagement Ring Insurance

by Kirsten Clark Wednesday, 07 May 2014 Informational

ring insurance Your fiancé has gotten you the princess cut engagement ring of your dreams. It has everything you ever wanted -- 14K white gold, accent diamonds along the band, and a few unique touches to make it seem like it was made for you. Now imagine losing that ring. While that might be hard to picture, you’ll be wearing this ring for a long time, and there is a possibility that you might accidentally lose it at one point or another. And let’s face it: that princess cut engagement ring is more than just a ring. It has memories and emotions attached to it. That’s why it’s a good idea to get ring insurance. Don’t know anything about ring insurance? We’re here to help:

1. What is ring insurance?

Ring insurance is just like any other type of insurance -- it’s a way of protecting an investment in case something were to happen to it. Different companies will protect your ring against different types of circumstances. For example, most ring insurance policies will cover the ring if it’s lost, stolen, or damaged.

2. Won’t homeowner’s insurance cover my ring?

Probably not. A lot of people don’t realize that most homeowner’s insurance plans do not cover jewelry. That’s why it’s important that you call and ask your insurance company before it’s too late and something happens to your precious ring!

3. How do I get ring insurance?

Again, call and see if jewelry is covered under your homeowner’s or renter’s policy. If not, you can easily add another policy just for your engagement ring. You could also insure your rings through a company that specializes in jewelry insurance, which might offer more coverage.

4. I’m ready to enroll in ring insurance. Now what?

You’ll have to present both original receipts and proof of an official appraisal (which will cost a small fee) to the insurance company. The insurance premiums will be based around the appraised value of your rings. After you have your ring insured, make sure you keep up with that paperwork.

5. What questions should I ask the insurance company?

Be sure to ask them specifics about the policy. Will they cover your ring if it’s lost or only if it’s stolen? What circumstances aren’t covered? How will you have to prove the ring is gone if you make a claim? How will the ring be replaced?

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FAQs About Promise Rings

by Kirsten Clark Tuesday, 06 May 2014 Informational

The idea behind promise rings can be confusing. If someone gives you a promise ring, does that mean you’re “pre-engaged?” Should there even be a step between dating and an engagement? Here’s the truth: promise rings can mean a variety of things. Often, it’s more about the sentiment behind the ring than a symbol of eventual engagement. Let’s break down some of the most commonly asked questions about promise rings:

1. What is a promise ring?

Let’s start with the most obvious question-- what the heck is a promise ring anyway? Although they can mean many things to many people, promise rings often symbolize a (you guessed it!) promise of commitment and love.

2. Where did the idea come from?

Promise rings have been around for a long time, perhaps even as far back as biblical times. Instead of getting engaged, people were betrothed. While not a marriage, a betrothal ceremony was legally binding and promise/betrothal rings were exchanged in acknowledgement of the impending marriage, which might not happen for many years.

3. Why would someone buy a promise ring?

When you think of a promise ring, you may think about a ring that’s given to someone as a “pre-engagement” ring as a way of saying, "Let's get married, but just not yet." However, promise rings are given for a variety of different reasons. For example, if your sweetheart is being deployed, you might exchange promise rings to remind yourselves of your devotion during your separation. You could even present one of our diamond promise rings to your partner with a vow to commit to something important to both of you - such as quitting a bad habit or aiming for a long-term goal. Or, you could slip the ring on your own finger and simply make a promise to yourself.

4. What does a promise ring look like?

Anything you want! You can get as creative as you want with promise rings. Maybe you’ll buy a ring with your love’s birthstone or have the ring engraved with both of your initials. Promise rings are usually a bit more modest than engagement rings, but if you’re wanting to go all out without exceeding your budget, you can present your sweetheart with one of our affordable diamond promise rings.

5. Is it just for women?

Absolutely not. Anyone can wear a promise ring, just like anyone can wear an engagement ring! If you’ve been talking with your partner about promise rings, perhaps you should talk about exchanging them so that each of you wears a reminder of that promise everyday. Both of you sharing in this act can make it even more meaningful.

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7 Wedding Superstitions & Traditions from Around the World

by Julianna Pardue Monday, 05 May 2014 Informational

wedding-traditions Over the past few weeks, we’ve been talking about wedding superstitions, from the well-known and oft-followed to the more obscure and quirky of traditions that go far beyond exchanging matching wedding bands. We still see these traditions today (some more than others), but traditional wedding practices vary from culture to culture. Check out these superstitions and wedding traditions from other parts of the world!

Interesting Wedding Traditions from Around the World

From Italy — Smashing a Glass

Italian couples celebrate their nuptials by smashing a glass enthusiastically during the wedding ceremony. Tradition says that every shard of glass represents one happy year of marriage. The more pieces the better!

From India — Have a Hungry Cat

In India, tradition says that it’s good luck for the happy couple if a cats gnaws on either the groom or the bride’s left shoe a week before the wedding.

From Ireland — Sounding the Bells

This is one of the wedding superstitions that still exists today. In Ireland, church bells rung during the wedding ceremony are said to chase away evil spirits and promise a happy family life for the couple. In the modern age, some brides carry small bells in their bouquets or receive bells as a wedding gift.

From Finland — Carry the Match

In Finland, the bride carries an unlit match with her down the aisle. It’s meant to ensure a lasting, burning passion between the bride and her groom.

From India and the Middle East — Henna Parties

In India as well as the Middle East, the ornate decoration of a bride’s hands and feet with henna (mehndi) is more than just a beautiful art. Henna has long represented good luck, health and sensuality. The application of mehndi can take hours, and this ritual is often made into “henna parties,” for the bride and her friends. Sometimes, the groom’s initials are hidden in the intricate designs. If he can find his initials on the wedding night, it’s said to be good luck. If he can’t, then he’s supposed to give his wife a gift.

From Greece — Bring Something Sweet

In Greek culture, a bride can bring sweetness to her married life by placing a sugar cube in her glove for the wedding ceremony.

From China — The Original Red Weddings

Chinese brides don’t dress in white (instead of symbolizing purity, white is worn for funerals). Instead, the traditional Chinese bride wears a qipao, which is a red silk dress with gold detail. Red is a common thread throughout the entire wedding, as it is a symbol of luck, joy, wealth and love.

What wedding traditions will you incorporate into your ceremony?

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