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Customer Favorites: Reviews of My Trio Rings Bridal Ring Sets

by Gillian Burgess Tuesday, 10 February 2015 Wedding Rings

bridal-ring-set It is no easy task to select the jewelry you will wear every day for years to come. Though shopping for bridal ring sets should be an exciting activity, it can also cause anxiety when you start to think of all the decisions you have to make. White gold or yellow gold? What cut of diamond? How many carats? What style?

Whew. Take a breath and relax. We’re here to destress the ring shopping process and make it fun again. It can feel overwhelming to narrow down choices for an important purchase like bridal ring sets, but you can start by taking the advice of people who have already been through it.

Each of the My Trio Rings customer reviews comes from someone who has already browsed our selection, made a purchase and decided to share an honest opinion about our rings. Customers are adding new reviews all the time of our diamond engagement ring sets, bridal ring sets and trio ring sets, and every review includes a photo and a link back to the product page. Read other people’s feedback, and use it as a helpful starting point as you make your own ring shopping decisions.

Here is a recent sample of our bridal ring sets’ customer reviews

Layaway Magic

“The layaway plan is awesome and they will work with you when you need it. A very professional and helping customer service and my rings were on my doorstep long before the expected time.” - Jarrod W., McKee, KY, January 31, 2015

The 7/8 CT. T.W. Princess, Round Cut Diamond Ladies Bridal Ring Set in 10K white gold sparkles with 41 natural diamonds and a slim, classic design.

Wonderful Anticipation

“My husband and I were browsing online for wedding sets when we came across this site. I found the set similar to what I’ve been wanting and he ordered it. I was nervous at first but when it arrived I was so excited. Now just a couple weeks left until I can wear it. I can’t wait. It’s beautiful.” - Manuel M., Haines City, FL, January 27, 2015

The heart-shaped design of the diamond engagement ring is the focal point of this 1/2 Carat T.W. Diamond Ladies' Bridal Wedding Ring Set in 10K white gold, and the complementary women’s wedding band is simple and elegant.

Exceeding Expectations

“I didn't know much about rings before I purchase this ring. After I purchased it through layaway. I started doing research. I could have purchased a better quality and was very very nervous about how the ring would look when it arrived and would she like it. well, she didn't like it ...she loved it. The rings looked fantastic! Thanks My Trio Rings!!!!”
- Alexander A., Hammond, IN, December 23, 2014

Our 5/8 Carat Diamond Bridal Wedding Ring Set in 14K white gold is simply stunning. The channel, invisible and side-stone settings give the rings a unique and timeless look.

Center of Attention

“I LOVE Love love my rings! They are so beautiful and shiny and I get tons of compliments on them. Thank you so much for the flexible payment plan, my husband and I love everything about the rings and will be coming back in 20 years to upgrade!” - Sheena M., Knoxville, TN, December 22, 2014

This bridal ring set is not for the timid! 81 round and princess-cut diamonds dazzle in our 3/4 Carat Diamond Bridal Wedding Ring Set in 10K white gold.

Highly Recommended

“Love my rings. Absolutely gorgeous. I would recommend My Trio Rings to anyone!” - Travis C., Decatur, IL, December 19, 2014

Our 1 CT. T.W. Round Cut Diamond Ladies Bridal Wedding Ring Set in 10K white gold displays 63 shimmering round-cut diamonds. 

Which rings will steal your heart? Browse our bridal ring sets and find your perfect match.

Best Places to Propose in Mesa, Arizona

by Gillian Burgess Thursday, 05 February 2015 Proposal

mesa-arizona-sculpture-walk Mesa, Arizona is not far from Phoenix, but it has a character all its own. Mesa is Arizona’s third largest city - after Phoenix and Tucson - and sits at an altitude more than 1,200 feet above sea level. It’s a small city with a thriving cultural scene, and it’s surrounded by gorgeous Southwest landscapes, including the Sonoran Desert, three lakes and two rivers.

There is no shortage of romantic places to propose in and around Mesa. If you have been looking for the ideal time and place to pop the question, here are a few suggestions (just make sure you select one of our gorgeous and affordable engagement rings before the big day!).

Downtown Mesa Sculpture Walk

In downtown Mesa, you will see unique art at every turn. There are 38 different sculptures lining Main Street as part of the city’s public art collection. Take your sweetheart on a self-guided sunset art walk, and choose from any of the scenic places to propose - maybe in front of the Climb As High As Your Dreams sculpture or sitting in the Big Pink Chair. Once she’s said yes, walk over to Il Vinaio, a chic wine bar and restaurant on Main Street, and toast to your future together.

Queen Creek Olive Oil Mill 

Take a foodie-inspired day trip to Queen Creek Olive Oil Mill, located about 30 minutes outside Mesa. Queen Creek is Arizona’s only working olive farm and mill, featuring 100 beautiful acres and more than 7,000 trees. Make reservations for a private advanced or master sommelier tasting at the farm, and learn all about the fine art of making extra virgin olive oil. Eat a delicious lunch or dinner at the Queen Creek restaurant, then find a peaceful spot on the property to propose.

Desert Belle Cruises

Saguaro Lake is located just 20 minutes outside Mesa, and it is home to desert canyons and vistas and impressive flora and fauna - from enormous cacti to mountain lions. Reserve tickets for a dinner or music cruise on the Desert Belle boat and experience the beauty of the lake from a peaceful vantage point. Find a secluded place away from the rest of the crowd, and ask her to marry you.

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She'll Say Yes! Valentine's Day Wedding Ring Set Specials

by Gillian Burgess Tuesday, 03 February 2015 Wedding Rings

1 3 8 CT. T.W. Diamond Ladies  Engagement Ring 14K White Gold BT539W14KE Now that you’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, it’s time to start planning your romantic proposal. My Trio Rings has the perfect wedding ring set for you both - whether you are looking for a stunning engagement ring, a bridal set or a trio ring set.

We have hundreds of options to fit your style and your budget. Select from our curated ring sets or customize your own design with the click of a button. Browse our Valentine’s Day ring specials, and make this holiday one you both will remember forever.

Looking for… ?

A Trio Ring Set

This wedding ring set has everything you need for both the bride and groom: an engagement ring, women’s wedding band and men’s wedding band. Find a perfectly matched set that suits you as a couple. A few favorites: 

Browse all sets

Customize your own

A Bridal Ring Set

Our bridal ring sets include a diamond engagement ring and a complementary women’s wedding band and can be customized just for her personal style. A few favorites:

Browse all

Customize your own 

An Engagement Ring

Make your Valentine’s Day proposal shine with a brilliant diamond engagement ring. If you’re not yet sure which wedding bands to buy to complete a full trio ring set, don’t worry. Take advantage of our She Said Yes! Special and receive 10% off any future wedding band set purchase. A few favorites:

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Customize your own

Need some help planning a romantic Valentine's Day proposal? Get some inspiration on how to pop the question from the My Trio Rings blog, and share your ideas in the comments below! 

Valentine’s Day Proposal Do’s and Don’ts, Part II

by Gillian Burgess Thursday, 29 January 2015 Proposal

valentines-day-proposal Planning a Valentine’s Day proposal? You only have a couple more weeks to get ready for the big day, so we have a few more tips to make your proposal magical. 

Your homework on which diamond engagement ring is right for her. Read up in advance on the 4's C's of diamond buying: cut, color, clarity and carat weight. Do a little detective work by asking her or her friends questions about the style she is drawn to. Does she like white gold or yellow gold? A classic princess-cut solitaire setting or a round-cut cluster setting with extra bling?

Feel pressured to spend two months’ salary on a diamond engagement ring. That idea is outdated and unnecessary, and you shouldn’t have to go into debt to buy a beautiful ring.
Look for affordable engagement rings that meet your standards, and you, your bride-to-be and your bank account will be happy.

Know the answer before you pop the question. You’re talking about spending a lifetime together, so this should not be the first time you’ve discussed marriage. Of course you want it to be special and surprise her with the way you ask, but the idea of growing old together should not be the surprise. Make sure you’ve both thought it through, talked about your future together and are on the same page. The good news is that this should take some of the stress out of your Valentine’s Day proposal!

Hide the ring somewhere strange. You may love the idea of tucking the diamond engagement ring in her molten chocolate cake so you can propose over dessert, but don’t do it. The idea may be sweet, but the reality is that the ring will get sticky and she could break a tooth or, worse, choke on it. You want your Valentine’s Day proposal to be memorable, but not quite in that way. Stick with a classic ring box.

Tell her exactly how you feel. This is a time when you can be as emotional and romantic as you want. Express how much you love her and all the reasons why you want to marry her. Don’t hold back, and don’t be afraid to get a little misty-eyed.

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4 Tips for Planning a Small, Budget Wedding

by Gillian Burgess Tuesday, 27 January 2015 Wedding Ideas

planning-small-wedding Last week, we talked about how to plan a gorgeous budget wedding with a large guest list. Today, let’s focus on the opposite side of the spectrum: how can you plan the small, intimate wedding of your dreams?

Maybe you want to keep the guest list on the small side because you only want to celebrate with your nearest and dearest. Or maybe you’d rather have a more modest wedding day and save money for your honeymoon or future life together. Whatever your reasons, here are a few tips for making your day special from the moment you say “I do” over your trio rings till the last guest leaves after the reception.

Define “small.”

You may want a very intimate wedding of just immediate family and a few close friends, but your spouse-to-be might think “small” is closer to 100 guests. Talk about it as a couple, and ask what type of atmosphere you want for your wedding day. Will you be overwhelmed by more than 50 guests? Will you be disappointed if you don’t have the lively celebration a bigger group would bring?

Be prepared for other people’s reactions.

You may disappoint or even anger some people in your life by keeping your wedding on the small side. Be ready to field questions from your parents about why you’re not inviting all of their second cousins or co-workers and deal with distant acquaintances dropping hints that they’d love an invitation. Have a polite but firm, “We wish we could invite everyone, but we decided to keep it very small” or similar response prepared.

Estimate a budget.

See what you can realistically spend on your budget wedding without putting stress on your future finances. The good news is that with a smaller guest list, it will be less challenging to stay within your means, and you may have room for a few splurges. Prioritize what is most important to you both in your wedding day and what is a “nice to have” but not essential. Celebrate the fact that your diamond trio rings will help you stay within your budget!

Hold the ceremony and reception in the same venue.

Simplify your rental and transportation costs by hosting your entire wedding in one location. With a smaller party, you may have access to unique venues that aren’t available to larger weddings. Keep an open mind, and research private homes, gardens, libraries, B&Bs, restaurants, galleries and event spaces that might fit your needs.

Find the perfect trio rings for your special day


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