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5 Spring Wedding Trends to Check Out in 2015

by Gillian Burgess Wednesday, 07 January 2015 Wedding Ideas

champagne-cocktail Love is in the air in spring, which makes it an ideal time to say, “I do.” Take advantage of the naturally romantic season to make your wedding day unforgettable. Here are a few of the fresh spring wedding trends you’ll want to follow!

1. Dressy details

All eyes should be on the beautiful bride as she walks down the aisle to exchange matching trio rings. This season’s wedding dresses incorporate romantic and subtly sexy details that are stunning from all angles. Opt for an off-the-shoulder style with lots of draped fabric, or make the back of the dress the showstopper with a low cut, sheer panels or peekaboo lace embellishments.

2. Colorful champagne

Put a new spin on the champagne toast at your wedding reception. For an eye-catching champagne tower, add crème de cassis or fruit purées to glasses of bubbly. These unique signature drinks can complement your wedding colors and add a festive feel to cocktail hour.

3. Great greens

One of the most beautiful spring wedding trends is to incorporate soft and romantic greenery in your decor. Go beyond traditional flower arrangements, and see where you can use fresh plants, such as ivy, ferns, palms, rosemary or mint. Use greenery in table arrangements and on chandeliers or framing photos or menus.

4. Soothing colors

Get inspired by Pantone’s color theme for spring 2015 - En Plein Air - which features subtle, soft tones that are influenced by nature. Blend warm neutral colors like Toasted Almond or Custard and bright sherbet colors like Lucite Green or Tangerine for a look that is ethereal, playful or retro.

5. Home-style food

Make your guests feel right at home with simple, hearty and delicious comfort food. Serve a few rustic main dishes and sides family-style at each table. Guests will enjoy a more relaxed and friendly environment, and you can keep food costs reasonable for your budget.

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Best Places to Propose in Baton Rouge

by Gillian Burgess Tuesday, 06 January 2015 Proposal

places-to-propose-baton-rouge Louisiana’s capital city is often overshadowed by New Orleans, its wild little sister to the south. But Baton Rouge has more to offer than just Tigers football. Discover the best places to propose in Baton Rouge - and start narrowing down your list of perfect budget engagement rings to get ready for the big event!

The Shaw Center for the Arts

Catch a beautiful view of the Mississippi at the Shaw Center for the Arts, a multi-use museum, theater and arts complex and one of the most stunning places to propose in Baton Rouge. Visit an exhibit at the LSU Museum of Art or watch a performance at the Manship Theatre, then head up to Tsunami for a fresh and inventive sushi dinner. Ask for a table with a good view, and pop the question over dessert or sake.

Blend Wine Bar

Blend is a gorgeous spot to enjoy a gourmet dinner and a wide variety of wines. Call well in advance to ask about booking the perfect table for two. Or plan a small private party in the restaurant’s loft for a surprise engagement party with your closest friends and family members. Toast to your future health and happiness over a glass of fine bubbly.

The Myrtles Plantation

Take a trip outside the city for a bit of history and mystery. Visit The Myrtles Plantation, about 40 minutes from Baton Rouge, rumored to be one of the country’s most haunted homes. Take a guided tour during the day or in the evening and explore the beautiful grounds and the home’s antebellum architecture. Have a delicious dinner of Cajun and Creole specialties in the plantation’s Carriage House Restaurant, and if you’re feeling brave, stay the night in one of the guest rooms. Hide one of our beautiful budget engagement rings in your pocket, and find a quiet moment to propose on the property’s wide verandah or underneath one of the sweeping live oaks.

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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Wedding Planning

by Gillian Burgess Thursday, 01 January 2015 Wedding Ideas

wedding-planning Happy New Year! If you are planning to marry the love of your life in the coming year, 2015 is already off to a great start. As you are make New Year’s resolutions in other areas of your life, take the opportunity to set some resolutions for your wedding planning as well. Make a conscious effort to make the planning process as organized, enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

1. Start early.

Whether you have two months or 12 months to plan your wedding, you’ll be thankful for getting started as soon as you can. Start doing research on everything from venues that interest you to trio ring sets that strike your fancy. Send emails or make phone calls to vendors you think are a good fit for your wedding. Narrow down options and leave yourself plenty of time to make reservations and arrangements.

2. Do a little at a time.

When you get on a roll with wedding planning, it can be tempting to want to do everything all at once. If you start early and pace yourself over time, you can do tasks gradually and minimize planning stress. Make a master calendar and record the main milestones for each week. Break down bigger projects into smaller, manageable tasks. Set reminders for yourself, and make notes as you progress.

3. Prioritize.

You probably won’t be able to do everything you dream of for your wedding, and you may have to make some compromises along the way. Make a list of the things that are non-negotiable for you - your wedding day “must haves.” Prioritize these elements, and let other less important things go if you need to.

4. Delegate.

Don’t feel like you have to do everything yourself. Ask people for help, and they’ll probably be thrilled to lend a hand. Assign bridesmaids, groomsmen, family members and close friends small tasks that will help you out and make use of their strengths.

5. Tune out advice you don’t need.

Everyone you know will have opinions on how you should plan your wedding. Your mom will wonder why you aren’t inviting your 45 second cousins, and your coworker in the next cubicle will give unsolicited advice on the trio ring sets you should consider. Learn to thank people politely for their input, but don’t feel obligated to take anyone’s advice.

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4 Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding

by Gillian Burgess Tuesday, 30 December 2014 Wedding Ideas

planning-destination-wedding There is a certain allure to saying, “I do” in a romantic and exotic location far from home. A destination wedding lets you realize the fairy tale of saying your vows and exchanging wedding band sets in a place like Aspen or St. Bart’s or Siena.

It’s hard to know where to begin when you’re organizing a wedding that is nowhere near where you live. Here are five tips for getting started on pulling off the perfect destination wedding.

1. Find a location that feels right.

When you are planning a destination wedding, you have the opportunity to choose a location that is just the right fit for you as a couple. Do you love the great outdoors? Find a rustic lodge in the middle of the woods. Do you dream of a relaxed tropical ceremony? Find a low-key beach resort where you can celebrate with sand between your toes. Weigh the different factors that are important to you - budget, mood, views, nearby activities, etc. - before you make your decision. Give preference to places where you have meaningful memories.

2. Take a research trip.

Planning a destination wedding can be very challenging if you are doing everything long distance. Do as much detailed research as you can from your hometown to narrow down options, then plan a trip to the location to meet with vendors, scout out venues, do food tastings and hair trials. If you batch these meetings in one trip, you can make final decisions and leave with signed contracts.

3. Let people know in advance.

With a destination event, it’s likely that only your nearest and dearest will make the trip. Embrace this as a positive thing, and pare your guest list down to be a small and personal affair. Tell the people you absolutely want to be there - especially those in the wedding party - well in advance, and give them an idea of what the expenses will be. Let them know that you will understand if they aren’t able to make it but that it would mean a lot to you if they can. 

4. Go the extra mile for your guests.

Do everything you can to make the trip easy and enjoyable for friends and family who attend your wedding. Research flight and airport information, block rooms at special group rates at hotels, organize sightseeing outings. Offer to defray some costs for wedding party members - such as attire or hotel rooms - if you can afford to.

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3 Wedding Planning Apps & Websites to Make Life Easier, Part II

by Gillian Burgess Thursday, 25 December 2014 Wedding Ideas

bride-bridesmaids Planning your perfect wedding is a whole lot easier with the help of modern technology. A few weeks ago, we highlighted three of our favorite wedding planning apps and websites - to handle everything from venue scouting to RSVP management. Here are three more tech tools that will save you time and headaches, so you can relax and think about where you will say your vows and exchange your wedding trio ring set

Helpful Wedding Apps and Websites

1. Zola 

If figuring out what to put on your wedding registry makes you feel overwhelmed, Zola is just the app you need. Zola allows you to curate a customizable registry with a single checkout. Browse thousands of products on your computer or phone and use the simple interface to add items to your list - cookware, furniture, electronics, bedding and other home goods. You can add honeymoon or cash funds to your wishlist, and friends can contribute on their own or pool money to chip in on group gifts. If you’re out and about and see something in a store that you must have, you can use the barcode scanner to add it to your registry. Zola a visual, photo-heavy application that is easy and delightful to use.

2. Weddington Way

Coordinating bridal party attire can be a hassle when your bridesmaids are juggling busy schedules or are scattered across the country. Weddington Way is an online boutique that helps you shop for the perfect colors and styles without being in the same location, waiting in line or dealing with pushy salespeople. The website equips you with a complimentary personal stylist and lets you browse an extensive online showroom of bridesmaid dresses, accessories and ties for groomsmen. Weddington Way makes shopping for your wedding fun and stress-free.

3. The Hitch

One of the biggest challenges of wedding planning can be narrowing down where to host the ceremony and reception. The Hitch is a wedding planning website and app that makes this process of search and discovery a snap. You can search venues all over the world by city, state or exact location, filtering by mood, theme, type, guest count, budget or venue type. Compare venue prices right away with The Hitch’s calculator, and estimate what the total cost of your reception would be.

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