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Wedding Ideas

My Trio Rings Blog provides useful information about how to experience the timeless traditions of marriage on an affordable budget

10 Nerdy His and Hers Wedding Rings We Love

by Gillian Burgess Monday, 28 December 2015 Wedding Rings

If you and your spouse-to-be are nerdy kindred spirits, find ways to celebrate that part of your relationship as you’re planning your wedding. Embrace your lovable geekiness, and check out 10 of our favorite nerdy matching wedding rings.

1. DNA Rings

We’re all about customized matching wedding bands that capture your individual style. But we did not predict this new sci-fi spin: fossilized DNA embedded in a his and hers wedding rings. Just send a saliva swab collected from your sweetheart (romantic, I know) to this Swiss company, and it will transform the DNA into a powdered substance to place in a silver and diamond ring.




2. Harry Potter Rings

In the magical game of Quidditch, the seeker tries to catch the beautiful and elusive golden snitch to win the game. Show the world how you feel about your partner by wearing a golden snitch on your wedding rings.

3. Star Trek Rings

If you’re trying to find some way to incorporate “live long and prosper” into your wedding vows, you’re probably the perfect couple to rock Star Trek-inspired his and hers wedding rings.

4. Star Wars Rings

“I love you.”
“I know.”

You can capture that classic moment between Leia and Han with your matching wedding bands. Order a customized ring set (each ring featuring the Death Star!) using sterling silver, rubies and sapphires. 

5. The Fellowship of the Ring

Tolkien fans will swoon for matching wedding bands that reflect their shared love of Middle Earth and all its adventures. Get gold bands etched with Elvish script, and take your nerd love to an adorkable level. 


6. Binary Rings

Techie couples will swoon for matching wedding bands stamped with binary code. Personalize your gold bands with a meaningful message only you two will understand.

7. Fingerprint Rings

Embrace both your individuality and your unity with striking fingerprint wedding rings. The handcrafted rings use wax casting to create an imprint of your fingerprints on a gold, platinum or palladium band.

8. Video Game Rings

Player 1, have you found your perfect Player 2? Celebrate with these geeky gamer wedding bands.

9. Game of Thrones Rings

"My sun and stars, moon of my life." Recreate Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo’s passion – and showcase your Game of Thrones obsession – with handmade his and hers wedding rings.




10. Stackable Orbit Rings

Show your partner that your worlds share the same orbit. Simple stacking rings – each featuring its own small planet – are fused together to create one beautiful ring.



Photo credit: Flickr/zanastardust; Flickr/ProjectAlice 


The Average Engagement Ring is Almost $6,000 – But Spending Less is Good for Your Marriage

by Gillian Burgess Friday, 18 December 2015 Wedding Rings

With “proposal season” in full swing – 38% of couples get engaged from November through January – there are a lot of couples with rings on the brain. A recent study shows that spending on engagement rings and wedding bands is rising; yet another study shows that this trend might not be a good thing for your budget or the longevity of your marriage.




According to The Knot 2015 Jewelry & Engagement Study, the cost of an engagement ring is at an all-time high: with men spending an average of $5,978, up from $5,403 in 2013 and $5,095 in 2011. For wedding bands, couples spend an average of $1,417 on her wedding band (up from $1,126 in 2011) and $558 on his band (up from $491 in 2011). If those numbers are making you feel a little lightheaded, take comfort in this: opting for affordable engagement rings and matching wedding bands might actually help your chances of making it to your golden anniversary.

A 2014 study from two economists (‘A Diamond is Forever’ and Other Fairy Tales: The Relationship between Wedding Expenses and Marriage Duration) recently made it back on the list of the top five most-requested studies in academia. Its findings show that less is more when it comes to spending:

  • Investing between $2,000 and $4,000 on an engagement ring was associated with an 1.3-times increase in the chances that a man got divorced, in comparison to spending between $500 and $2,000.
  • Spending less than $500, however, was associated with a boost in the odds of divorce among women.




While it might be tempting to get caught up in the “spendier is better” whirlwind, affordable engagement rings and wedding bands could set you on track for a long and happy marriage. That’s a pretty solid reason for keeping your wedding jewelry budget on the modest side.

And when you start browsing engagement rings and matching wedding bands at My Trio Rings, you realize quickly that you don’t have to sacrifice quality or beauty for savings. We offer a selection of exceptional diamond rings for up to 65% off retail prices.



Why You Shouldn't Get Wedding Ring Tattoos

by Gillian Burgess Thursday, 17 December 2015 Informational

Matching wedding bands are meant to symbolize your permanent bond and commitment to one another as a couple. But a recent trend has been taking the “permanent” concept very literally: wedding ring tattoos. Some couples are opting for ink – ranging from simple black bands to intricate lettering or designs – instead of traditional diamond and gold wedding rings.

While tattoo rings might seem interesting right now, their appeal (but not their mark) will likely fade over time. Here are a few reasons you should think carefully before making a decision you can’t easily undo.


1. Wedding ring tattoos aren’t timeless (though they are permanent).

Think about the styles and fads you’ve adopted over the years, the ones you were obsessed with 10 or 20 years ago that now cause you to blush at old photos (I’m looking at you, Rachel haircut and ‘70s throwback polyester pants). Would you want to be forced to keep wearing those styles now? For another 10 years? Forever? Your style preferences change over time, and it’s a big gamble to assume you’ll love the same wedding tattoos for the rest of your lives.

With matching wedding bands, on the other hand, you can select a style that reflects your personalities and preferences. But if you decide in a decade or two that you’re ready for a change, you can update the setting, the stones or the band – or upgrade your rings to celebrate a milestone or anniversary. No painful removal procedures necessary.

11376996305 5432bbdc90 z

2. It’s possible your relationship status will change.

I know, it’s a huge downer and I’m the worst for even bringing it up. But there’s always a possibility that a marriage won’t last forever. It’s probably not your situation, but it’s worth considering what would happen if you did split up. Imagine how much more difficult and painful it would be to have to decide whether to keep or remove your wedding ring tattoos, in addition to everything else.

3. Sparkle, not ink, is a better option.

If you and your partner are already tattoo fanatics who already get tats to commemorate every occasion and milestone, feel free to ignore me and do your thing. But if this is a new idea you’re toying with, think about it carefully before taking the leap. Ask what you really want to represent your marriage, day in and day out. Imagine what you will want to be wearing for many years to come.

If ink seems more like a passing fancy and not a lifelong commitment, look for matching wedding bands that fit what want long term. You can find minimalist and chic, vintage-inspired and classic, modern and striking. Diamond wedding rings are anything but boring – you just have to find the right ones.




Photo credit: Flickr/ruthsilva; Flickr/rannbran1209


10 Cheapskate Proposals & How to Fix Them

by Gillian Burgess Wednesday, 25 November 2015 Proposal

You don’t have to break the bank on an expensive diamond engagement ring to sweep her off her feet. And you don’t need to spend a fortune planning a romantic and memorable proposal either.

But – and this is really important – your proposal shouldn’t be cheap. Let me explain what I mean by cheap. You can spend zero dollars and carefully plan the most heartfelt, wonderful proposal in the world that is anything but cheap. Or you can spend very little time, effort and money and throw together a proposal that feels thoughtless and shoddy. This is the kind of cheapskate proposal you want to avoid. Here are 10 poorly planned proposals… and ways to fix them to give her that romantic moment she deserves.




The mistake:

Having a few too many at happy hour and slurring your way through a semi-coherent proposal. Worse yet, not remembering it the next day.

The fix:

If you’re both into wine or beer, arrange a private tour and tasting at a local winery or brewery. Find one with a beautiful setting, and arrange with the staff to find you a quiet spot where you can pop the question over a glass to toast with.

The mistake:

Surprising her at work and awkwardly proposing in her cubicle while curious co-workers watch.

The fix:

Tell her to clear her schedule one Friday night after work. Give her time to dress up, then surprise her with a bouquet of her favorite flowers. Head out on a romantic date night, and propose when the time feels right. 

The mistake: 

Proposing at any kind of fast food establishment. This especially includes writing “Will you marry me?” in pepperoni on top of a delivery pizza or displaying the diamond engagement ring on a hamburger.

The fix: 

Step away from the drive-thru. No woman dreams of the sweet declarations of love that you whisper over a shared order of crinkle-cut fries (I don’t care if it’s at White Castle’s Valentine’s Day special). Instead, pack a picnic of her favorite foods. This can be as simple as good bread, cheese, chocolate and wine, or as complicated as gourmet takeout from the French bistro she loves. Go on a hike, or hit the road on a surprise day trip. Stop somewhere scenic just the two of you, and propose during your picnic.




The mistake:

Via text. Getting the message, “U wanna get married?” followed by a bunch of emoji is not a good idea.

The fix:

Pen a handwritten love letter that expresses how much she means to you and why you want to spend the rest of your life together. Ask her to read it, and just as she’s finishing, get down on one knee.

The mistake:

Asking her to marry you when you’re in the car (it doesn't matter where you're driving). 

The fix:

The car is not the place to ask your beloved any life-changing questions (eyes on the road!). Plus, if you’re like most people, you spend far too much time in your car as it is. Instead, break your routine and plan a day of biking, horseback riding or snuggling up in a horse-drawn carriage. Find a moment when you can look into each other’s eyes, and then propose.

The mistake:

Running weekend errands and taking a break in the middle of the aisle or in the parking lot to ask her to marry you.

The fix:

We all love Target, but it’s just not the place for a romantic proposal. By all means, take a break from tedious errands one Saturday, but do it in style. Go on a local adventure together. Explore a new part of your city, or check out a museum or event you’re interested in. Spend the day relaxing and forgetting about your to-do list. Then cozy up at home or at a favorite restaurant for your proposal.

The mistake:

Lounging around in your PJs watching Netflix or playing video games, and casually handing her a box with an engagement ring in it.

The fix:

A night at home can be cozy and sweet instead of mundane. Tell her you’d like to do date night without leaving the house. Light a fire or some candles, put on feel-good tunes and cook a special meal. Before you bring out dessert, present her with a diamond engagement ring and ask her to marry you.




The mistake:

Yelling “Will you marry me!” over the ruckus of a lively party with family or friends.

The fix:

Celebrating your engagement with your loved ones is a sweet sentiment, but you want the moment to feel special and intimate, not loud and chaotic. Plan a proposal for just the two of you, then make plans to surprise her later with a celebration with family and friends.

The mistake:

Hiding the diamond engagement ring in food, running the risk that she breaks a tooth or swallows it.

The fix:

You should definitely indulge your sweetheart’s sweet tooth, but there’s no need to put the ring inside the food (or even in a glass of champagne, for that matter). If you bake well, surprise her with her favorite homemade dessert; if not, visit the best bakery in your neighborhood. Wrap up the sweets in pretty paper, and hide the ring box within tissue paper inside.

The mistake:

Starting your proposal with the words, “Well, we’ve been dating a while now and this just seems like the next logical step…” or other equally unromantic thoughts.

The fix:

The words you use cost nothing, but they mean everything! One of the biggest proposal mistakes is to not communicate how overjoyed you would be to marry her. Don’t hold back – let her know that you feel like the luckiest guy in the world to be building a life with her.

Looking for more romantic proposal ideas? 


My Trio Rings vs. Jared: Layaway Plan and Shipping for Diamond Rings

by Kirsten Clark Friday, 30 October 2015 Informational

We’re one of a kind here at My Trio Rings. We strive to give our customers the best possible wedding ring shopping experience they can have by combining an unmatched level of service and a wide selection of quality wedding ring sets. In fact, this is such a cornerstone of our business that we don’t think you’ll find another retailer that compares – either online or in store.




To prove it, we’ve been sizing up our competition. In a previous post, we compared our layaway plan to Walmart’s layaway plan. This week, we’re looking at the Jared the Galleria of Jewelry and examining what makes My Trio Rings an easier and more convenient shopping experience for finding your perfect wedding ring sets. 





Jared offers a credit financing plan. While this is convenient for some customers, it is highly dependent on past credit history and can also make their purchase far more expensive when factoring in high interest rates. To take advantage of this program, you must open up a Jared credit card and either follow a 12-month plan or an 18-month plan.

Just by taking a quick look at this comparison, it’s clear that the My Trio Rings layaway plan is more convenient and customer-focused. We don’t call it a financing plan because you don’t need to open up a credit card account with us for a flexible payment option.


Customer service and convenience are always top of mind at My Trio Rings? Check out the differences between our policies and Jared's when it comes to shipping.

Our Shipping Policy: Free shipping on orders within the U.S.

Jared’s Shipping Policy: Free shipping to any of their stores. Shipping charges will apply when the jewelry shipped to your home.

When you buy with us, we want to make your purchase as easy and enjoyable as possible. That’s why we deliver your glittering diamond rings right to your doorstep for free!