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3 Customizable Bridal Ring Sets

by Kirsten Clark Tuesday, 12 August 2014 Wedding Rings

customizable engagement rings, customizable bridal ring sets Are you one of those people who worries about finding the perfect wedding band to go with your dream engagement ring? We have a solution: our bridal ring sets. Instead of buying your rings separately, why don’t you buy them together? Getting them as a set ensures that they’ll complement each other flawlessly. Not only can you buy your rings as a set, you can also customize them to your specifications! Last week, I wrote about how you can create your dream engagement ring using our customizable engagement rings feature, but this week I want to highlight some of the bridal ring sets you can create through this new feature.

1 1/10 CT. Bridal Ring Set

For this set, I chose a medium, princess clusterhead for the main stone. Once it gave me a list of the bridal ring sets that can be customized with that head, I picked this bridal ring set. I love the intricate detailing on the bands, and I especially love how the engagement ring will sit nicely above the wedding band because of the groove the band has. These rings have a whopping total of 54 sparkling diamonds! This set is available in both yellow gold and white gold, and you can also choose between 10K gold and 14K gold.

3/4 CT. Bridal Ring Set

Next, I experimented with a small, round solitaire head and loved the look of this 3/4 CT. set. The bands on this set are a little thicker, and I am especially fond of the diagonal pattern on both the bands for the engagement ring and the wedding ring. Between these two rings, you’ll be wearing 32 diamonds on your finger. This is another set that can be designed in either 10K or 14K gold, as well as white gold or yellow gold.

7/8 CT. Bridal Ring Set

The last set I looked at was with a medium, princess solitaire head. This 7/8 CT bridal ring set immediately caught my eye because of the baguette cut diamonds on the bands. Often, diamonds on the bands are round cut, so this design stood out among the rest. I especially love how the look with the solitaire princess head! This set is available in both yellow gold and white gold, and you can also choose between 10K gold and 14K gold.

Ready to create your own? Follow these steps:

1. Click the “view customizable rings” button on the top right of the page you’re on.

2. Choose your stone cut.

3. Choose the size of your stone.

4. Then, you’ll get a list of all our pre-existing rings that match your desired stone cut and size. From there, search the list and find the one you like.

5. After you’ve found a ring you like, you can click on it and select which type of gold you want.

Ready to try your hand at jewelry design? Head on over to our pages for customizable engagement rings and bridal ring sets now.

How to Create Customizable Engagement Rings

by Kirsten Clark Thursday, 07 August 2014 Wedding Rings

Have you been playing matchmaker in your head when it comes to your engagement ring? You know what I mean: going around and wishing you could have that band with this head with that specific detailing. Have you thought about designing your own rings? Maybe you’re even asked a jeweler about their customizable engagement rings, only to realize that your perfect ring might come with an astronomical price tag.

That’s where My Trio Rings comes in. We don’t think you should ever have to compromise what you want because of availability or price. We want you to have a ring you absolutely adore at a price that you can afford. We’re able to offer you top-quality products at low prices because our storefront is online. (However, just because we’re online doesn’t mean we’re not dedicated to offering you the best customer service around.)

To browse customizable engagement rings, follow these steps:

1. Go to the My Trio Rings engagement rings page and click the “view customizable rings” button on the top right of the page.

2. Choose your stone cut.

3. Choose how big you’d like your stone to be.

4. Then, you’ll get a list of all our pre-existing rings that match your desired stone cut and size. From there, search the list and find the one you like.

5. After you’ve found a ring you like, you can click on it and select whether you want white or yellow gold as well as 10K gold or 14K gold.

Not only can you design customizable engagement rings, you can also customize bridal ring sets, trio rings sets, and more! You can follow the above sets for any ring set you’d like.

Here are some examples of the customizable engagement rings you could create:

1 1/5 CT. Customizable Engagement Ring

If you’re a fan of the “big diamond, tiny band” trend, you’ll love this ring. I picked a princess solitaire head and paired it with an elegant band. You could further customize this ring by having it done in yellow or white gold as well as 10K or 14K gold.

1/2 CT. Customizable Engagement Ring

For this ring, I chose a medium-sized cluster head and paired it with a band that has intricate detailing. This particularly pairing contains 27 natural, glittering diamonds. Again, you can further customize this ring by having it done in yellow or white gold as well as 10K or 14K gold.

What masterpieces can you come up with? Try it yourself with our engagement rings or bridal ring sets!

Best Places to Propose in Norfolk, Virginia

by Kirsten Clark Tuesday, 05 August 2014 Informational

ISS_2424_00998.jpg Picture this: you and your sweetheart are curled up in the sand, watching the sun as it begins to dip just below the waves, and you slip one of our customizable engagement rings on her finger. Sounds pretty perfect, right? Welcome to Norfolk, Virginia, which offers magnificent views of the Chesapeake Bay to the north and the Elizabeth River on the west. If you’ve always wanted to propose on a beach or near a body of water, this might just be the location for you. However, Norfolk has even more to offer you, which is why we’ve compiled a list of its best places to propose.

1. Norfolk Naval Shipyard

Here’s another fun fact about Norfolk: it’s home to the largest Navy base in the world. If you or your sweetheart has served in the Navy, the shipyard might be a good place to pop that all-important question. It's still a place full of history that longs to be explored. In fact, it’s the U.S. Navy’s oldest and largest industrial facility.

2. Botanical Garden

Are you from Norfolk? If so, maybe you’ve thought about getting married at the Norfolk Botanical Garden. Wouldn’t it be romantic to get married and engaged in the same location? (Better start looking at wedding rings for her!) The gardens themselves are beautiful, but if you keep track of the coming exhibits, you might be able to choose one that will help you create a truly magical moment. For example, the gardens are currently hosting a butterfly exhibit. You can even take a boat or have a meal at the Garden Cafe.

3. Virginia Beach

Norfolk has plenty of beaches, but it is also just a short drive away from Virginia Beach. Here, you can find more lovely beaches at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, as well as beaches at the oceanfront. This is Virginia’s largest city, so it’s packed with other fun things to do like The Adventure Park at the Virginia Aquarium, where you’ll be able to see nature in all its glory.

4. Romantic Restaurant

There’s nothing wrong with sticking to an old classic: getting down on one knee with one of our customizable engagement rings at a restaurant. If you or your partner is familiar with Norfolk, you may have an idea of a favorite spot to go. If not, check out La Bella in Ghent, which is a romantic wine bar and Italian restuarant. If you’re a lover of Mexican food, check out Luna Maya, which seamlessly combines yummy, creative food with a cozy atmosphere.

Do you have any best places to propose to add to the list? Is there a city you’d like us to cover in this series? Let us know!

It’s never too early to be thinking about wedding bands. Make sure you’ve checked out wedding rings for her!

Tips for Planning a Wedding Last Minute: Dress Edition

by Kirsten Clark Thursday, 31 July 2014 Informational

wedding ring sets, wedding dress, planning a wedding Recently, I gave some tips for picking a venue for a last-minute wedding. Now, a venue is important, but something that has even more emotional significance is your wedding dress. It's the dress you’ll be wearing when you exchange one of our wedding ring sets. It’s the dress you’ll be wearing when you take your first set of pictures as a married couple. 

But finding that perfect dress isn’t easy, even when you have all the time in the world. A time constraint can make your hunt even more challenging. That’s why today’s topic on planning a wedding last-minute focuses on finding your perfect wedding dress.

1. Be Open

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably had an idea of what kind of wedding dress you would wear since you were 5. (White, strapless, vintage-inspired ballgown, thank you very much.) However, if you need a dress sooner rather than later, you should be open to different styles. You’ll be subject to what’s available, and that will mean trying on dresses you never thought you would like. A lot of times, these dresses end up looking great on you. Don’t judge a dress on its hanger -- try that baby on, and be wowed!

2. Think About Alterations

You might not have time for alterations. That means you need to find something in the store that fits and flatters you without any (or very minimal) alterations. This applies to larger sizes, too. You don’t have time to order a dress in a larger size, only to see it still doesn’t fit correctly. This could cause you to get stuck swapping his and hers rings in a dress you don't feel right in. Not good. Plan in advance, and you can get alterations that make a dress fit beautifully. 

3. Pre-Owned Dresses

Here’s another option: search the Internet for pre-owned dresses. There are a ton of websites you can look at. However, if it's a possibility to try a dress on before buying it, take advantage of that opportunity. Look at people who are selling dresses in your area. Ask to visit and try on the dress, and then you can see whether it’ll work or not.

4. Look Other Places

Don’t just stick to bridal salons. In fact, most bridal salons are going to charge you a rush fee if you order a dress within 6 months of your date. Instead, you can try looking online or visiting other retailers that sell styles you normally love. For example, J. Crew has a gorgeous line of wedding dresses. The dress you exchange his and hers rings in doesn’t technically have to be a “wedding” dress, either. If you find a dress you love that you think fits the occasion, wear it!

Are you planning a wedding? Be sure to check out our selection of wedding ring sets!

Tips for Planning a Wedding Last-Minute: Venue Edition

by Kirsten Clark Tuesday, 29 July 2014 Wedding Ideas

ISS_2877_00043.jpg Are you in the middle of planning a wedding that won’t happen until next year? How many times have you thrown up your hands and just wanted to say, “to hell with it all!” Wedding planning can be fun, but it can also be extremely stressful. If you’re one of those people who’d rather just get married and be done with with it, BUT you also don’t want to elope, it might be time to start thinking about moving up your wedding timeline.

One of my close friends decided a few weeks ago to move up her previously planned spring 2015 wedding to this November. And, you know what? She couldn’t be more excited.

If you’ve chosen to do this or you’re thinking about doing it, you’ll know that a crunched timeline means that your options might be limited and decisions have to be made quickly, which is a pretty difficult combination. That’s why I’ll be doing a series of blog posts with tips that are aimed to help make planning a wedding last-minute as smooth and wonderful as possible. Today’s post is all about choosing your venue.

Finding and Choosing a Last-Minute Venue

1. Go With What You Have

Do you have a big, beautiful backyard? If not, do any of your friends or family members have a house or yard you can use to exchange your his and her wedding bands? Instead of searching all over town (or country or world) for a venue, try making a list of places already available to you. However, keep in mind that if you use someone else’s house, you’ll need to make sure everything gets cleaned up and the house goes back to the way it was before the wedding. In addition, you might not have to pay for the venue, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do something nice for the host or hostess.

2. Stick to One Location

Don’t book one venue for the ceremony and another for the reception. Make it easy on yourself and exchange your wedding ring sets in the same place you’ll get down on the dance floor. If your space isn’t big enough to have each portion of the festivities take place in a different spot, you can always hire someone to take down things from your ceremony and put up chairs/tables/decorations for your reception. Or, you could always just use the same layout for both!

3. Think Outside the Box

That friend I mentioned earlier? She’s be exchanging his and her wedding bands on a boat. Instead of looking at traditional venues, you might have to start getting inventive. Try to come up with venues that you know would be available at the time of your wedding. For instance, my friend had no problem reserving a large boat for November in Mississippi. Here are some other ideas: a public garden or park, a restaurant, a photography studio, etc.

4. Guest List

Last, but not least, you should take a good look at your guest list. If you’re having your wedding at a small house, then you don’t need to invite 150 people. Think about the people that you need there. Who would you miss? Whose absence would devastate you? Let these questions guide you.

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