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4 Diamond Engagement Rings You Can Create

by Kirsten Clark Monday, 07 April 2014 Wedding Rings

diamond engagement rings Last week, I told you about our new create your own ring feature. This customizable feature allows you to pick out the stone of your choice (including cut and size), the band, and the type of gold. This new program is just one more way to make sure you’re completely satisfied with your diamond engagement ring.

In last week’s post, I gave you step-by-step instructions to make the process of creating your dream ring that much easier. Now that you know how to create your perfect ring, I thought I’d show you just a few of the many gorgeous possibilities:

1. 1 1/3 CT. Diamond Engagement Ring

If you’re looking for a round solitaire ring that has the perfect balance of elegance and sparkle, you’ll love this 1 1/3 carat ring. The beautiful round solitaire is brilliant all on its own, but when it’s paired with this intricate band, it pops even more. This ring has a total of 31 glittering diamonds, and you can choose whether you want this ring in 10K or 14K gold, as well as either yellow or white gold.

2. 1/2 CT. Diamond Engagement Ring

Looking for something a little more unique? When you select the option that you’d like a cluster ring head, you can choose among four shapes: a flower, a heart, a circle, and an oval. This particular 1/2 CT. ring features a fabulous oval cluster head. The cluster head is offset by a band with smaller, round-cut diamonds. If you’d like to customize the ring further, you can have it made with yellow gold instead of white gold.

3. 5/8 CT. Diamond Engagement Ring

If you like the idea of combining a princess cut with a cluster head, then check out this princess cluster head diamond ring. If you’d rather have a larger cluster head, you can increase it up to a half carat. This particular ring is 5/8 CT. and is made with 10K yellow gold and features white gold accents. The twists on the band near the center would beautifully complEment any stone cut.

4. 1 1/5 CT. Diamond Engagement Ring

Small bands are one of the most popular ring trends for diamond engagement rings right now. If you take a look at this 1 1/5 CT. diamond ring, you’ll see why. Do you notice that the smaller band makes the princess solitaire diamond look larger? And just because the band is smaller doesn’t mean it’s any less magnificent -- the intricacy of the band is stunning. This ring has a total of 21 natural, conflict-free diamonds.

Start working on your own customized ring!

Trio Wedding Ring Sets - Style Review ST505W14K

by Kirsten Clark Thursday, 20 March 2014 Wedding Rings

trio wedding ring sets We know how hard it can be to find the perfect match for your engagement ring. You have to find a ring that’s similar in style and that complements but doesn’t outshine the engagement ring. That’s why we try to eliminate this dilemma for you with our selection of trio wedding ring sets.

These sets come with all three of the rings you need to start your married life together: the engagement ring, the lady’s wedding band, and the man’s wedding band. When you buy one of these sets, you don’t need to worry whether or not your engagement ring will match your wedding ring. We put a lot of thought in the rings we pair together, and we promise you won’t find a better matching set. While all of our sets are spectacular, we want to highlight one trio matching wedding set in particular: style ST505W14K. Here are just a few reasons why this set is truly special:

1. Styling

Sometimes a simple, classic ring set is the best way to go. Of course, just because this ring set isn’t ornate doesn’t make it any less stunning. Take a look at the engagement ring for instance. It has a breathtaking solitaire setting, which is beautifully offset by the diamonds surrounding it on the band. The two wedding bands match the band styling of the engagement ring, which pulls the set together. This 1.5 CT trio matching wedding ring set can be made with either 10K or 14K white gold.

2. Diamonds

Let’s talk about the best part of any wedding ring: the diamonds! This set has a total of 34 round cut diamonds. There are 11 diamonds in the engagement ring, including the magnificent solitaire. The lady’s wedding band has 13 diamonds, and the man’s band has 10 diamonds. All of the diamonds in our rings are natural and conflict free-- not to mention gorgeous!

3. Reviews

Listen to what our customers have said about this ring set:

“Wow! A girls dream, well some girls. I like the fact the bands match, really love the white gold, the bridal ring is gorgeous, similar looking to the bands, the solitaire is nice, it's not a cluster and I like that, just one single diamond, like my one single love.” - Emmie D.

“I love this set! Its absolutely beautiful. Not too big, not too small, it's just the right size. The band is awesome too!” - Candice S.

“This set is my fave!I love that it is sparkly but not too gaudy. Gorgeous yet simple. It's wonderful!” - Emily T.

“Nicest solitaire ring on the website. I'm not a big fan of cluster diamonds. I prefer a solitaire diamond anytime unless its a fashion ring. These rings are not only elegant but timeless and will be in style for many years to come.” - Jacqueline G.

“My fiance already bought my engagement ring, but in the process of planning the wedding and trying to pick out wedding bands, we ran into huge problems. No wedding bands match or even look good with my ring! Influenster sent me a brochure for my trio rings and I am in LOVE! This is such a good idea. We are now going to be purchasing this set because it makes everything so much easier and the rings are absolutely gorgeous. My Trio Rings has a set for everyone! I wish I had found this before my original ring was purchased, but better late than never. I would recommend my trio rings to any man getting ready to propose!” - Kimberly L.

Check out our entire selection of trio wedding ring sets.

Spring into Wedding Season with the My Trio Rings Spring Sale!

by Kirsten Clark Tuesday, 11 March 2014 Wedding Rings

alt Wedding season is just around the corner, and we want to make sure you have everything you need to plan your perfect wedding day. The My Trio Rings spring sale is going on right now - giving you savings on our already affordable prices. Our wedding rings are 65% lower than other retailers any time of year, but they are even lower when we get a little spring fever! 

Find the perfect rings to exchange when you say "I do." Browse our selection of diamond rings and sets of matching wedding bands that we've included in our spring sale. Here are a few of our favorite rings:

Matching Wedding Bands

1. 1/8 CT. Diamond Wedding Band Set

Nothing says "romance" like matching wedding bands. A unified set of rings is a pretty special way to seal your bond as a married couple and show your commitment to one another. If you think so, too, check out this 1/8 CT. set of matching wedding bands. These bands are made with 10K white gold and have a total of 14 glittering, round-cut diamonds. If you’ve been looking for bands that are elegant but also have a little sparkle, these might be the perfect bands for you. These wedding rings would normally retail for $999.99, and we usually sell them for $399.99. During the My Trio Rings spring sale, you can get them for $369.99.

2. Diamond Wedding Band Set

These two rings aren’t bundled into a matching wedding band set, but they complement each other perfectly when you put the two of them together. The men’s band is 1/5 CT. and made with 10K white gold. In the center of the band, you’ll find 9 round-cut diamonds. The women’s band is very similar, with a 1/8 CT. wedding band also made with 10K white gold, and it has a total of 9 sparkling, round cut diamonds. The ladies’ wedding band is on sale for $319.99, and the men’s band is on sale for $339.99.

Engagement Rings

1. 1/2 CT. Women’s Engagement Ring

We’re in love with this 1/2 CT. women’s engagement ring. On this ring, you’ll find a princess-cut head with invisible prong setting displays. It’s made with 14K white gold and has a total of 29 natural, sun-catching diamonds. The diamonds on the band itself do a beautiful job of highlighting the princess head. This ring is truly gorgeous, but you don’t have to just take our word for it. One of our customers, Ashley L, sent in a customer review about this engagement ring, saying, “I love this ring, it’s so elegant!” This ring would normally retail for $1,099, and we usually sell it for $459.99. Now it’s on sale for $429.99!

2. 1/2 CT. Women’s Engagement Ring

If you’ve been looking for a classic solitaire diamond engagement ring, we have the perfect one for you. This 1/2 CT. ladies engagement ring is made with 10K white gold and features a breathtaking halo solitaire setting. It has a total of 17 conflict-free diamonds. The detailing on this ring is beautiful. Just take a look at the intricate metal work under the setting. The two diamonds on either side of the halo solitaire setting also add a little touch of glamour to this amazing ring.

Be sure to check out the rest of our selection at our 2014 spring sale!

Trio Wedding Ring Sets - Style Review BT517W10K

by Kirsten Clark Tuesday, 18 February 2014 Wedding Rings

Trio Wedding Ring Sets - Style Review BT517W10K As you can tell from our name, we specialize in trio wedding ring sets. “What’s that?” you might ask. Trio ring wedding sets come with all three rings you’ll need for your walk down the aisle: an engagement ring and two wedding bands. Best of all, these rings are complementary, which looks great and symbolizes how deep your commitment runs for each other. All of our trio wedding ring sets are beautiful, but this one set in particular has our attention right now: style BT517W10K. Here are just a few reasons why we love it. 

1. Styling

This 7/8 CT. diamond trio matching wedding set is made with classic 10K white gold, and that’s just one of its many attributes. We love the detailing on this ring set. On each ring, the outside has a border of tiny indentations, which gives the ring a vintage feel and showcases the diamonds in the middle beautifully. The halo solitaire setting on the engagement ring is truly gorgeous, and the diamonds the surround the setting accent it perfectly.

2. Diamonds

There’s a total of 39 sparkling diamonds in this ring set. Each of the wedding bands has 9 diamonds each, and the engagement ring has a whopping 21 diamonds. All of the diamonds are natural and round cut. If you’ve been looking for a ring that glitters and gleams with every move of the hand, this might be the set for you!

3. Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it. Listen to what our wonderful customers have to say about this trio matching wedding ring set:

“I am in love with the pretty edges of this ring. I think it is absolutely stunning and give an antique feel to it. The diamond in the middle of the engagement band is gorgeous as well. I love that all the rings match and go together. If I was in the market for a new ring, I would love something
like this.” - Elise M.

“[Love] the setting if this ring! Love the simple feel to it ! Really like how the bands match perfectly to the main ring! Very reasonable price also !” - Bailey R.

“Gorgeous set! I love the design and I love that it's not too thick, not too thin. Love that the diamonds are all around top. Love that the men's band is simple enough for a guy to wear and not think it's got too much going on. Would love to get a set like this for my husband and I. (just married a couple of weeks ago.) We would love to replace our super simple solid bands with these! Not a bad price either!” - Ryan T.

“I love how this ring set offers both the bride and groom to wear some bling! The classic design is perfect. I love the central theme that is carried out in all three of the rings' designs. I also love that this ring has a slight vintage feel to it and has beautiful placements of diamonds. Another bonus is that this ring set is white gold (My favorite!).” - Anonymous

Bonus: this ring set is part of our extended Valentine’s Day sale. Be sure to check out our full selection of trio wedding ring sets.

Upgrading Your Matching Wedding Rings for Valentine’s Day

by Kirsten Clark Tuesday, 11 February 2014 Wedding Rings

upgrading wedding bands for valentine's day We’re just a handful of days away from the most romantic day of the year. And it isn’t just about chocolates and flowers. It’s about celebrating the people you love most, which makes it a perfect time to commemorate the amazing times you’ve had with your partner over the last year.

Take a couple of minutes to reflect back on the recent history you've shared with your spouse. Think about the progress you’ve made and any special moments you’ve had. Valentine’s Day presents an opportunity to honor those moments and celebrate the love and life you are building together. What better way to do that than by exchanging meaningful gifts? This year, upgrade your matching wedding rings and celebrate the milestones or achievements you've had as husband and wife. Here are just a few examples of why you might want to mark this Valentine's Day with new rings: 

1. Buying a House

Maybe you and your spouse finally moved into the house of your dreams this past year. This is the home where you’ll build a life together. Here, you’ll grow old, celebrate the good times and the bad, and might even start a family. Buying a house you both love together is no ordinary milestone.

3. Job Promotion

Did one of you score a big job promotion over the past year? This is another exciting life step that you can toast to together. Not only are job promotions empowering, they also can present new opportunities for your family. Make sure your spouse knows how proud you are by surprising him or her with new matching wedding rings. 

2. Paying Off Debt

Being in debt can be a big strain on your household. When you finally pay off debts - whether they are student loans or credit card bills - you’ll both feel liberated. If you weren't able to buy the matching wedding rings you wanted when you got married, maybe it's time to think about upgrading.  

4. Having a Baby

Did you and your spouse welcome a new life into the world this past year? Congratulations! There’s nothing more precious. Upgrading your wedding bands for Valentine's Day can symbolize the journey you’ve been on together and the next chapter in your relationship. Not only did you commit your lives to each other when you married, but now you’ve committed your lives to your brand new addition.

What’s something amazing that’s happened to you this year? How will you be celebrating it come Valentine’s Day?

Browse our selection of matching weddng rings


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