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Diamond Wedding Ring Stuck on Finger: Send Help!

by Gillian Burgess Wednesday, 23 July 2014 Informational

Imagine this scenario. You did your research and took your time browsing through countless wedding ring sets to find the perfect pair. You decide to try on your diamond wedding ring to make sure it fits before the big day, slide it on your ring finger and … it gets stuck!

Maybe you ordered a size too small, or maybe your fingers are swelling because it’s a hot day. Whatever the reason, your beautiful wedding band is now firmly wedged on your finger, and you are starting to freak out.

Calm down. Breathe. It’s going to be OK. No need to call the paramedics with a “ring stuck on finger” red alert just yet. Here are a few DIY tips that will help you get your wedding ring unstuck with tools you should have around the house.

3 Tricks for Getting a Ring Unstuck

1. The Windex Trick

Remember how the father in My Big Fat Greek Wedding swore that Windex was the solution to all problems? He may have been onto something! Commercial glass cleaner, such as Windex, is a lubricant and may also help reduce the swelling of your finger. Spray a bit of the liquid on your finger, rotate the ring and gently try to slide it off your finger.

2. The String Trick

If the Windex trick doesn’t help you get your diamond wedding ring unstuck, try this next method, using a pair of pliers and a piece of string or dental floss (you’ll need someone else to help you with this one).

Using the pliers, slide one end of the string underneath your ring toward your knuckle. With the part of the string pointing toward your fingertips, twist in a tight spiral, wrapping your finger from your ring outward toward the center of your finger. Secure the end of the string in the middle of the finger by tucking the loose end under the loops. Go back to the end of the string underneath the ring and carefully unwind the coil, pushing the wedding ring off the finger.

3. The Elastic Band Trick

This last trick uses the same idea as the string method, but the elastic should help you constrict the finger even further to help you slide off that stuck diamond wedding ring. Take an elastic band, and wrap it tightly around the finger, moving from the fingertip to the wedding band. Use tweezers or pliers to feed the end of the elastic band underneath the ring. Unwind the elastic slowly, and slide the ring off.

Have you ever gotten a ring stuck on your finger? Any tricks to share?

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My Trio Rings Q&A: Online Rings

by Kirsten Clark Tuesday, 22 July 2014 Informational

wedding ring sets, matching ring sets Wedding planning consists of a lot of decision-making, but not all decisions are created equal; some are definitely harder than others. Let’s take a step back from the more difficult choices you’ll have to make over the next few months and focus on a fun and painless (we hope!) one: your wedding rings.

Last month, we told you we’d be periodically covering some of your most frequently asked questions about wedding rings. Our first post covered some FAQ’s about diamonds in general, but this month we want to cover three questions that deal with purchasing rings online.

  • Where should we look for matching wedding rings? 
  • Are rings online real?
  • Do you have any tips for finding inexpensive wedding ring sets?

1. Where should we look for matching wedding rings?

Matching wedding rings are a great choice! Normal wedding bands signify your commitment to each other, but I’ve always thought that having bands that match symbolize and project that commitment even further. It just so happens that My Trio Rings specializes in matching ring sets. Our sets cover a wide range of styles - white gold, yellow gold, simple, intricate, classic, modern - which means you’re bound to find a style that you love and that matches the engagement ring you've selected. In addition to our matching ring sets with a ladies’ band and a men’s band, we also have same-sex matching ring sets.

2. Are rings online real?

Yes. I promise: we are not selling you rings that fall short of the quality we advertise. All of our rings are 100% authentic. If we sold fake rings, we wouldn’t be in business! And we wouldn’t have all these glowing customer reviews. Every piece of jewelry we sell comes with a certificate of authenticity. It will state the gold and diamond content of each ring, so you’ll know exactly what you’ve purchased.

But if you’re not happy, we’re not happy. While we’ll never give you anything less than the real deal, we know people change their minds. That’s why we also have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not absolutely thrilled with your wedding rings, send them back to us for a full refund or exchange.

3. Do you have any tips for finding inexpensive wedding ring sets?

Most people would tell you to wait for a sale or even to possibly lower your standards when it comes to the 4 Cs--the cut, the color, the clarity, and the carat of the diamond(s) in your rings. Some might even tell you to look for rings without diamonds altogether. But…

We’re not most people. At My Trio Rings, we’re able to offer you top quality rings and unbelievable prices. Our prices are typically 65% below normal retail prices, and you can sometimes find our wedding ring sets for even less than that! And there’s no hidden reason why we’re able to offer you such beautiful rings at unbelievable prices. We simply don’t have the fees that non-online retailers have. For example, we don’t have to pay rent on a showroom. This allows us to focus on giving you the best customer experience possible.

Do you have any questions you’d like us to address? Let me know in the comments!

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The Facts Behind Your Diamond Engagement Ring

by Kirsten Clark Thursday, 17 July 2014 Informational

diamond engagement ring, wedding ring sets Last night, I watched Inside: DeBeers, a documentary available on Netflix streaming that goes behind the scenes of one of the biggest diamond producers in the world. The documentary provided some interesting tidbits about DeBeers. For example, did you know that De Beers’ employees traveled over 1.3 million miles last year in search of diamonds? That’s almost as many miles as it would take to (literally) go to the moon and back three times!

The family business that started My Trio Rings is a DeBeers Siteholder, and many of our diamonds come straight from the mines through DeBeers before being set in our rings! I found the other facts about diamonds equally fascinating. Have you ever thought about how the diamonds in our wedding ring sets get there? No? Let’s dig in:


A Diamond in the Rough

1. In order to get that sparkler on your hand, those diamonds have to be mined. Millions upon millions of dollars are spent on the equipment used to get diamonds from the ground and onto a diamond engagement ring.
2. Only about 20% of rough diamonds are sold and used for luxury items. The rest are used for industrial purposes. Once you get that 20%, the sorting begins.
3. Diamonds can be classified in more than 12,000 categories, but the most important are the 4 C’s -- color, cut, clarity, and carat.
4. Each diamond is then analyzed by a machine in order to figure out how the diamond should be cut to yield the greatest value.
5. Finally, the stone is cut, polished, and ready to be sold.

Isn’t that fascinating? It’s easy to forget that so much work goes into each stone. Now that you know a little about the diamond manufacturing process, check out these other fun facts!

Diamonds are Forever

1. 43% of the world’s diamonds come from South Africa.
2, Diamonds are found all over the world: deep on the ocean floor, beneath an arctic lake, etc.
3. DeBeers is actually credited with making the connection between engagements and diamonds after their revolutionary “A Diamond is Forvever” campaign.
3. However, giving a diamond engagement ring isn’t the trend everywhere. China and India used to be gold-only markets, but diamonds are now starting to become a part of engagement culture.
4. Diamonds aren’t actually the rarest stone -- rubies are.

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3 Budget His and Hers Wedding Ring Sets

by Kirsten Clark Tuesday, 15 July 2014 Informational

wedding ring sets, his and hers wedding ring sets Does your wedding to-do list look anything like this?

Caterer: check!
Flowers: check!
Music: check!
Wedding Ring Sets: ???

If so, we’re about to help you check one more thing off that list. We know you have a ton of things to do in the weeks and months leading up to your wedding, so we try to make it easy and fast as possible to get your wedding rings. Instead of running all over town and looking at showrooms, you can look at our selection of wedding ring sets from the comfort of your own home (which is a priceless perk after running wedding errands all day!). We also are able to get your rings to you quickly and for free! But here’s perhaps the best perk of all: our his and hers wedding ring sets are affordable and fit within your wedding budget.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at some of these affordable wedding ring styles that you’ll love:

1. 1/8 CT. His and Hers Wedding Ring Set

If you’re looking for a set that’s simple, elegant, and not too matchy, this 1/8 CT. set might be the one! The ladies’ band is just a simple, narrow band with 21 round-cut, sparkling diamonds that will complement any style of engagement ring. The men’s band doesn’t have any diamonds (which is perfect for guys who aren’t big on flash), but has a beautiful engraved design on the white gold band. You can get this set made with either 10K or 14K white gold. While this set would normally retail for $2,899.99, we sell it for $1,199.99.

2. 1/15 CT. His and Hers Wedding Ring Set

Looking for something a little that’s more matching, a little less expensive, but still is just as fabulous? Check out this 1/15 CT. set matching wedding rings set. The delicate detailing is worthy of attention, and each round diamond sits perfectly in the curved grooves. This set is made with 10K white gold and has a total of 10 natural, conflict-free diamonds, These rings would normally retail for around $1,299.99, but we sell them for $499.99.

3. 1/5 CT. His and Hers Wedding Ring Set

This 1/5 CT. wedding ring set is a happy medium between the first two wedding ring sets we've described above -- the rings in this set aren’t identical, but they both have a similar style. For example, the ladies’ band has three slanted indentions with diamonds, while the men’s ring only has one. These rings are made with white gold, but you can choose whether to have them done in 10K or 14K gold. There are 14 total glittering diamonds in this set, which makes the price even more astonishing: the set is only $699.99!

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Wedding Trends: the Great Social Media Debate

by Kirsten Clark Thursday, 10 July 2014 Informational

wedding trends, wedding ring sets To tweet or not to tweet? Surprisingly, this seems to be a big point of contention for couples planning their weddings these days. It’s hard to argue against the fact that social media has changed the way most of us live our lives on a day-to-day basis, and it can affect your wedding planning process, too. (In fact, Pinterest was practically made for wedding planning, but you can read more about that here.) Let’s take a look at some of the ways social media has caused a shift in weddings and engagements.

How many of you announced your engagement via Facebook? And how many of you invited all of your Facebook friends? I would guess that you wanted to share your exciting news with everyone but won't be able to accommodate your several hundred (or thousand!) connections. That’s just one example of how social media has changed wedding and engagement culture -- you make an announcement, you post engagement photos, you get badgered for an invitation from one of your Facebook “friends” who you never even considered inviting, etc.

Enough about the announcement. What about the actual ceremony? Will your ceremony be pro- or anti-smartphone? Let’s look at a few of the pros and cons:

Pro: You can create your own #hashtag for any pictures taken during the festivities so you can easily track and save them.
Con: There are many flashes going off in your face while you’re exchanging one of our wedding ring sets.

Pro: You could live-stream the event for family members who could not make the event for some reason.
Con: Your friend from college who posts that video of a drunk family member knocking down a table is shared with everyone. Oops.

Pro: Your friends and family will be excited to be involved in capturing memories from the wedding. 
Con: All of your professional photographer's photos will feature a sea of guests holding up their smartphones. 

Now these are just a few points to consider, but they should definitely get some thoughts brewing about whether or not social media should play a role on your big day. 44% of people in this survey thought digital rules should be in place at a wedding. So, maybe you can strike a compromise: allowing cell phones but asking attendees to follow a set of pre-established rules.

For our super social-media-savvy couples out there who want to make it a huge part of their wedding, have no fear! It looks like something called a “social media concierge” might become a more and more common service. Would you pay for someone to document all your wedding festivities on each social media platform?

What’s your stance on social media and weddings? Post in the comments! 

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