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Convince Your Better Half

by Gillian Burgess Tuesday, 19 April 2016 Informational

7 reasons to buy matching ring sets online

Need help building a case for why you should get matching ring sets from My Trio Rings? Here are a few helpful pointers to nudge your partner to a yes!


Wedding planning sticker shock: the struggle is real. It's tough feeling stuck between your dream wedding and your real-life budget and priorities. But buying matching ring sets online allows you to have your cake and eat it too. We cut out the high markups and extra costs most jewelry stores tack on. So buy those perfect diamond rings you love - and still be able to keep that nest egg or save for that down payment or splurge on that honeymoon.


There's a reason "a cubic zirconia is forever" never quite caught on. There's no replacement for real diamonds. All of our matching ring sets contain certified authentic, naturally mined, conflict-free diamonds that will keep their sparkle for a lifetime.


When people look at the two of you, they can see at a glance you're meant to be together. Our matching ring sets are the same: they're designed to complement each other perfectly, and they reflect your one-of-a-kind match.


Think of all of the ways you'd love to spend a Saturday afternoon together. Is one of them trekking from store to store, looking at hundreds of rings and trying to make a decision without bickering? Throw in a pushy salesperson and an astronomical price tag, and you have a pretty tempting proposition. Or you could save yourself a lot of hassle and buy matching ring sets online. Get help from our experts and find exactly what you want in one go - with zero stressful trips to the jewelry store.

Bragging rights

Shopping in a brick-and-mortar store means you naturally have a more limited selection than you do online. We design all of our rings in-house, which means you can customize your ring sets to fit your exact style and specifications. Not that it's a competition, but think of the smug satisfaction you'll get showing off your amazing ring sets, and knowing what a great deal you got.

Payment options

Whether it's our No-Fee Layaway Plan or 0% financing through BillMeLater, My Trio Rings will not only save you money but also help you pay off your purchase over time.

Better color, better clarity, better prices.

Compare our selection to any other jeweler, and you'll see that no one offers better value for the same color and clarity of diamond and gold wedding rings. Four generations of expertise are pretty handy when it comes to helping customers save big!

Is a Diamond Halo Ring Right for You?

by Gillian Burgess Tuesday, 29 March 2016 Informational

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8 Little Things that Show You're a Perfect Match

by Gillian Burgess Wednesday, 20 January 2016 Informational

If someone asked you to describe what you love about your partner, what would you say? You might start with the big qualities you value – he’s kind, generous and funny; she’s smart, loving and creative. But when you dig down deep into the reasons you fell in love and are ready to slip on wedding bands sets, it’s really the accumulation of a thousand little things.

UK-based artist Philippa Rice has created a beautiful visual record of some of these small ways you show love in her comic series Soppy. Each illustration captures a sweet, private moment shared between Rice and her boyfriend, and the collection is something everyone in a serious relationship can relate to.




Inspired by Rice’s art, here are eight of our favorite little signs that you’ve found your perfect match.

1. Even the boring stuff is fun when you’re together.

Grocery shopping, making breakfast, doing laundry. These day-to-day activities can range from mundane to dreadful, but when you’re together, they immediately become more enjoyable. You share a glass of wine while the pasta is boiling, or you make up silly games to cope with that interminable line at the store.

2. You like doing your own thing, but you also like being in the same space.

He’s an avid reader, you’re always working on something crafty; she’s a programmer, you’re a gamer. Sometimes you need to do your own thing separately, but sometimes it’s also nice to be in the same room, working on different projects in companionable silence.

3. You can talk about anything.

From how you’d handle the zombie apocalypse to where you want to be in 10 years, you two aren’t afraid to tackle the important topics. Even if you’ve been together for years, you still surprise each other and remember why you fell in love in the first place. You make an effort to keep learning about one another, from the silly to the serious.




4. You empathize with each other.

You feel awful when he’s having a bad day, and you’re on his side when he’s coping with conflict. You notice when she’s upset by something, and you listen to understand her feelings. You show each other consideration and compassion in small daily interactions, and you know you have each other’s back.

5. You’re affectionate in your own unique way.

Maybe your style is to hug and kiss as much as possible; maybe it’s to hold hands or fall asleep with your legs intertwined. Whatever it is, you show each other affection every day.


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6. You do nice things for one another.

You go to the post office to mail a package for him when he has to work late; you make dinner for her because you know she’ll be tired when she gets home. You try to let go of keeping score and instead make an effort to do the things you know your partner will appreciate.

7. You get past challenges without lashing out at each other.

When you have to get through something unpleasant together – paying bills, building IKEA furniture, narrowing down your wedding guest list – you take a deep breath and try to do it with good humor. At best, you end up having fun with it; at worst, you’re civil and you can breathe a sigh of relief when it’s done.

8. You don’t need much to enjoy yourselves.

Whether it’s hibernating with Netflix and takeout or checking out a new corner of your neighborhood, you two are guaranteed to have a good time. When you’re together, you bring out the best in each other – day in and day out.

Have you found your perfect match? Find the matching wedding bands sets to show the world.



5 Things Your Significant Other Should Know Before Meeting Your Family

by Gillian Burgess Thursday, 14 January 2016 Informational

So you’re ready to meet each other’s families for the first time.

You probably already know what a big deal this is. Knock it out of the park, and you’re set up for years of pleasant get-togethers. Strike out, and you’ve got some damage control to look forward to. After all, there’s a reason meeting the parents is such a classic trope for sitcoms and rom-coms.



There’s a lot of pressure to make a great impression, but this can be challenging since every family has its own unique dynamic, quirks and rules. Before you bring your beloved home to meet your family, here’s a quick rundown of what he or she should know before you two exchange wedding bands sets.

1. Do your homework.

Start off on the right foot by asking your partner for an insider’s perspective on the family. What overall background should you know? Are there any sensitive subjects you should avoid? Any topics you should know more about? Get all the info you can – her parents’ work, her siblings’ school, her favorite cousin’s hobbies – and brainstorm a few conversation starters to fill awkward silences.

2. Show genuine interest.

Here’s where all your research comes in handy. Find common ground on topics you can discuss with his family members – and when in doubt, ask questions. If Dad is an avid birdwatcher who loves to travel, ask about trips he’s taken and what destinations are on his bucket list. If Mom runs her own small business, ask about her current projects and what she’s learned from being an entrepreneur. Be a good active listener: give good non-verbal cues that you’re interested, and don’t interrupt. This is a simple but effective way to show you’re engaged in what the other person is saying, and you are immediately perceived as more friendly and likeable.

3. Be the best version of yourself.

Think of meeting your significant other’s family as a slightly more relaxed job interview. You want to impress them, but you don’t want to come off as a robot with no personality. Dress nicely, taking your style up a few notches from what you’d wear out with friends. Use the rules you’d apply to chatting with your own grandparents or relations you don’t know well – be warm and polite, avoid cursing, and stay away from controversial topics like politics or religion if possible.




4. Pay attention to their cues.

Some families are casual and low-key, and the parents will insist you call them by their first names right away. Others are more traditional and appreciate formality until you’ve established your place in the family. Err on the side of politeness, and adapt as you go. Defer to the house rules, and follow your partner’s lead. If you’re staying over and you’re expected to stay in separate rooms, do so without comment. Go with the flow, and recognize you’re a newcomer. If things get tense or uncomfortable, pretend you’re an anthropologist studying the ways of a foreign people. Take notes, sit out any family drama and try not to take anything personally.

5. Be courteous and considerate.

Most parents simply want their children to find partners who will treat them well and make them happy. Demonstrate from the beginning that you are that person, through how you interact with everyone around you. Be considerate and respectful toward your partner in front of her family. If you’re visiting their home, bring a small gift – a bottle of wine or flowers – when you arrive. Offer to help prepare or clean up after the meal. Even if they decline, you’ll win points for asking. Give honest compliments freely – about the house, the food, the neighborhood. Write a short thank-you note afterward – it’s simple and old-fashioned and always appreciated.

Follow this advice, and you’ll be well on your way to calling your future in-laws Mom and Dad!




Why You Shouldn't Get Wedding Ring Tattoos

by Gillian Burgess Thursday, 17 December 2015 Informational

Matching wedding bands are meant to symbolize your permanent bond and commitment to one another as a couple. But a recent trend has been taking the “permanent” concept very literally: wedding ring tattoos. Some couples are opting for ink – ranging from simple black bands to intricate lettering or designs – instead of traditional diamond and gold wedding rings.

While tattoo rings might seem interesting right now, their appeal (but not their mark) will likely fade over time. Here are a few reasons you should think carefully before making a decision you can’t easily undo.


1. Wedding ring tattoos aren’t timeless (though they are permanent).

Think about the styles and fads you’ve adopted over the years, the ones you were obsessed with 10 or 20 years ago that now cause you to blush at old photos (I’m looking at you, Rachel haircut and ‘70s throwback polyester pants). Would you want to be forced to keep wearing those styles now? For another 10 years? Forever? Your style preferences change over time, and it’s a big gamble to assume you’ll love the same wedding tattoos for the rest of your lives.

With matching wedding bands, on the other hand, you can select a style that reflects your personalities and preferences. But if you decide in a decade or two that you’re ready for a change, you can update the setting, the stones or the band – or upgrade your rings to celebrate a milestone or anniversary. No painful removal procedures necessary.

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2. It’s possible your relationship status will change.

I know, it’s a huge downer and I’m the worst for even bringing it up. But there’s always a possibility that a marriage won’t last forever. It’s probably not your situation, but it’s worth considering what would happen if you did split up. Imagine how much more difficult and painful it would be to have to decide whether to keep or remove your wedding ring tattoos, in addition to everything else.

3. Sparkle, not ink, is a better option.

If you and your partner are already tattoo fanatics who already get tats to commemorate every occasion and milestone, feel free to ignore me and do your thing. But if this is a new idea you’re toying with, think about it carefully before taking the leap. Ask what you really want to represent your marriage, day in and day out. Imagine what you will want to be wearing for many years to come.

If ink seems more like a passing fancy and not a lifelong commitment, look for matching wedding bands that fit what want long term. You can find minimalist and chic, vintage-inspired and classic, modern and striking. Diamond wedding rings are anything but boring – you just have to find the right ones.




Photo credit: Flickr/ruthsilva; Flickr/rannbran1209