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Shopping in-store for Budget Wedding Rings this Thanksgiving

by Punit Shah Tuesday, 25 November 2014 Informational

It’s that time of year again. Food, family, football and Black Friday Frenzy! There's so much to love about Thanksgiving, and it's coming up fast.

If you’re planning on making an important purchase for a certain big milestone this Thanksgiving (ahem, romantic proposal and engagement announcement), now is is an excellent time to take advantage of holiday sales. Many jewelry stores will be holding Thanksgiving weekend specials on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, so you could find gorgeous trio ring sets or engagement rings on sale for a fraction of their normal price. 


To get the best deal this Thanksgiving weekend, it's smart to do your homework before you hit the stores and start your ring buying quest. With four generations of expertise in this industry, we've had some time to take notes and develop a few expert tips for holiday ring shopping. We’ve had the privilege of selling to brand name retail stores before going direct to customers. Here are a few pointers that will help you get a steal of a deal this holiday!

Tips for Ring Buying This Thanksgiving

  • Be wary of deceptive pricing. We all love seeing slashed price tags, but they can sometimes trick us into spending more than we should. Jewelry retailers will often advertise 50% or more in discounts for holiday sales, but keep in mind that these reduced prices are based off of very high markups. Reserach trio ring sets in advance, and use this knowledge to negotiate to a fair price. 
  • Compare apples to apples. When you're looking at a lot of rings in a short period of time, it's easy to get overwhelmed and forget what you're actually evaluating. Be sure that the color and clarity of the diamonds are the same when you’re comparing prices side by side. See what you would pay per carat by dividing the total cost by the carat weight.
  • Look for matching trio ring sets. Buying individual rings, though still commonplace, is actually a dangerous game. It's hard to find an exact match when you buy rings separately, and they'll often cost you significantly more than if you buy them in a matching set. Think about it: you spend countless hours looking at engagement rings on sale over Thanksgiving before finding the right one.... then not too long after, you have to go through the same process to find complementary wedding bands! Instead, you can find the perfect trio ring set from the beginning and save up to 65% off retail prices.
  • Know the policies inside and out. When you're ring buying during holiday sales, it's especially important to understand all the purchasing details. Make sure the store offers a detailed returns and warranty policy. Ask questions, and know exactly what you're signing up for before you buy. And beware that some warranty programs disqualify you if you don’t bring your ring into the store every 6 months. 
  • Get the real deal. Authenticity is everything when you're shopping for engagement and wedding rings. Every reputable jeweler will be able to supply you with a certificate of authenticity for your rings. Read it carefully, and see that it matches the advertised listing.
  • Get the expertise you need. An experienced and knowledgeable salesperson is a great asset as you're deciding which rings to buy. You want someone who can answer all your questions, offer expert advice and guide you through an important decision. Ask questions to find out more about the person helping you – and to make sure he or she has your best interests at heart. What's his or her background or training? Don't be shy about asking for credentials as you make an important purchase. 
  • Take your time. When you're shopping holiday sales, there's a natural pressure to find what you want as quickly as possible. But remember that you'll be wearing these rings for a lifetime, so it's not a decision you should rush into. Take the time you need, and fall in love before you buy.

We hope these few tips make it easier to navigate the crazy-long lines at jewelry stores Thanksgiving weekend. Browsing in-store through trio ring sets and engagement rings on sale is a great way to get your bearings and narrow down what you want. And you may find after a few minutes of crowds and chaos that you want to do what thousands of other couples have done: shop online. 

While you should explore your options in-store, consider one of our gorgeous diamond trio ring sets!



Why Buy a Trio Ring Set?

by Punit Shah Tuesday, 04 March 2014 Informational

Why Buy a Trio Ring Set?

Reasons to Upgrade a Trio Ring Set

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Benefits of Buying a Ring Set

The Perfect Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring

by Punit Shah Friday, 17 January 2014 Informational

The Perfect Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

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How to Pick the Perfect Wedding and Engagement Ring

Why you (yea you!) should propose this Christmas!

by Punit Shah Wednesday, 12 December 2012 Informational

Christmas is statistically the most frequent time for proposals. Why not? Unless you’re grinching it this year, there’ll be lots of family, friends, food, and love to go around! Proposing during Christmas also gives you a great six month head start on planning for a summer wedding. We’ve written about 4 major reasons to propose at Christmas in the past, see if any those make the case for you to pop the question this Christmas. At the very least, your girlfriend will love you for it!

Luckily My Trio Rings has your back, not just for diamond rings but the How to and Where to propose during Christmas as well! Check out these four steps and she’ll be screaming “YES, YES, YES” before you know it!

Step one: How you’ll propose
Here’s a list of five of our favorite ways to propose during Christmas

  1. Hide a diamond cluster engagement ring in the toe of her Christmas stocking
  2. Bury the ring box under a pile of packing peanuts in a giant wrapped gift box
  3. Tie a trio ring set with a ribbon and hand it to her like a Christmas ornament to hang on the Christmas tree
  4. Arrange for the Santa Claus at the mall to give your girlfriend a ring box when she tells him what she wants for Christmas
  5. Create a Christmas scavenger hunt that ends with a proposal spelled out in Christmas lights

If these don’t cut it for you, we’ve got a whole bunch a few more ideas here and here. Our Pinterest board has dozens of Heartwarming Proposal videos.

Step two: Where you’ll propose?
My Trio Rings has spent the entire year writing about the best places to propose in every major city in the United States! Browse through these posts for your city or check out this list of best places to propose in any city!

  • A high-end restaurant. Obama did it and we all know he's a baller!
  • Lakeside, Riverside, or Oceanside, next to the water makes all girls weak at the knees
  • Local landmark. Incorporate it into your proposal to make it more memorable

Step three: Don’t forget the ring!
If you’re looking for designer rings to please your lady, many brand name retailers will be running Christmas and Year end deals. Bottom line is that if you go into a physical store, negotiate as much as you can! These jewelry stores mark up the prices of their diamond rings sometimes over 3x their cost! In case you’re not up for spending twice your monthly salary on a diamond ring, My Trio Rings has you covered! Using a “Factory Direct” model, we’ve combined four generations of diamond and jewelry expertise with eCommerce to offer authentic solitaire diamond rings and cluster diamond ring sets at prices that are up to 65% off retail! Use our advanced filter in any ring category to the right to narrow your results down by price, gold color, carat weight, etc. If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers, call us at 855-MY-RINGS or hit up our live chat agent below. (We’re probably not here if it’s late night… give us a break!)

Step Four: Keep the secret!
If you want to keep this a complete surprise, check out How to keep your proposal a secret. Otherwise get your family and friends involved, it makes for the best and most memorable kinds of proposals! If you know someone who should be proposing this Christmas? Pass on this article as a friendly hint!

Let us know in the comments if you plan to propose and if you have any cool ideas!

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My Trio Rings CEO weighs in on "Show rooming" on CBS and FOX News!

by Punit Shah Tuesday, 15 May 2012 Informational

Major retailers across the country including Best Buy and Target stores have recently denounced a long standing practice among price conscious consumers who visit physical retail stores to preview a product and purchase at home from other online retailers.  But should consumers who are looking for the best deal really be to blame? Should companies like Best Buy and Target focus on innovating further to offer additional services and unique products? Our CEO Vipul Lakhi was called upon to share how we’ve helped customers find the lowest price, often after they’ve already visited a local jewelry store franchise.

(Source: CBS Philadelphia - Showroom Showdown, See below for additional broadcasts across the country)

While show rooming is typically associated with physical stores, it is quite common for online retailers as well. At My Trio Rings, we must maintain a digital showroom that enhances the buying experience and better educates customers while differentiating from online competitors in the same industry. We’ve served thousands of customers by focusing on educating our customers, and providing shopping benefits like 30 day returns, free shipping, no fee layaway, online promotions, and even free ring sizers by mail. Online retailers face the same show rooming practices as brick and mortar retailers.

In the jewelry industry, high-end retailers have placed dizzying markups on diamond and gold jewelry, often creating a barrier for everyday Americans' to experience the traditions of marriage with authentic jewelry. Companies who innovate on their business models will be the only ones who can continue to operate. Our prices are 65% lower than in store retailers because we’ve focused on innovating in every aspect of the business model, from procurement and manufacturing to eCommerce and efficient inventory management. What will remain constant in the world of retail is that whether a customer is in a physical or digital showroom, they will always buy from the retailer offering the lowest price for the best quality and service. This has been a consumer practice since commerce and trade originated and it will continue to impact how physical and online retailers market in today’s mobile internet age. 

See below for additional broadcasts of Vipul's interview below!

(Source: ABC LA)

(Source: WPRI Providence)

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